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Shahal Familty Tree

Shajra Nasb of Khandan Banu Hashim

Najam ul Hassan

on 27 July 2014

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Transcript of Shahal Familty Tree

Hashim Ibn Manaf
Khandan e Banu Hashim
Syed Najam ul Hassan
Abdullah Ibn Jaffer
Contributed by
He came with Muhammad Bin Qasim in 711 CE to Sindh & Multan
Abdul Mutalib
CE 497 – 578
CE 545–570
CE 571–632
Hz Fatima al Zahra
CE 605–632
Zainab Binte Fatima
CE 605–632
CE 647 – 497
Abu Talib
CE 549–619
CE 549–619
Jaffer Tayyar (RA)
CE 590–629
Hazrat jaffer Tayyar (RA) led migration to Habsh (
Nijashi of Abyssinia
) with muslims delegation with his wife Asma, where Abdullah was born, He later married to Hazrat BiBi Zainab (RA) . from Madina migrated to Kufa with Hz ALI (RA) & family
Abdullah Bin Jaffer
Abi Talib
CE 610–680
Ismail bin Abdullah
Muhammad Bin Ismail
Imam Abu'al Qasim
Imam Razia
Imam Masood
Sultan Zia ud Din
Imam ud Din
Sultan Ibrahim Adham Misri
Sultan Siraj ud Din
Sultan Adham Misri
Sultan Noor ud Din
Zakrya Misri
Ali Qazi Misri
Ahmed Tamim Misri
Syed Abual Hassan Multani
Syed Muhammad Ghaus
Syed Sultan Yaqub
Syed Pir Abdur Rashid Haqqani
great grandfather

of Makhdoum Javed Hashmi
Syed Makhdaum Abu Bakr
Syed Kamal ud Din

Syed Salahud Din
Syed Ruknud Din Padhrari
Syed Baharud Din
Syed Sheikh Ismail
First came to (Padhu Jaat Singh) or Padharar during 16th century
Syed Pir Haji Mubarik
Syed Abdullah Shah

Maleran Wala Padhrar
Fought with Sikhs & Jaats & acquired land in the entire region, during British era locals took most of the land thru betrayal.
Syed Maroof Shah
Syed Ruknud Din Shah
Syed Mohammad Shah Karori
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