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Assessment for learning

No description

Cristiana Osan

on 13 December 2018

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Transcript of Assessment for learning

Course expectations and needs analysis
Motivation for doing the course
to become a professional moderator
to upgrade personally and professionally
to keep up with current trends in education and teacher training
to expand qualifications in the EFL field
to keep on learning
Most comfortable technical areas
emails and attachments
manipulating images
using the Internet
protecting computer against viruses
using VLE
chat programs
opening a PDF file
installing software
This part of the questionnaire is not supposed to assess technical skills. It creates an image about our starting point. It is not a problem if you do not feel confident in all the areas mentioned in the questionnaire.
By the end of the course you'll feel more confident about some areas (wikis, HTML), while other such areas will become familiar once you start moderating (screencasts, podcasts).
completing all the tasks in a unit
unexpected problems (illnesses, bigger workload, being away on holiday)
tendency to lurk
lack of technical skills
technical problems (poor internet connection)
time management
no worries :)
Other comments
Do we need all the technical areas mentioned before in order to start moderating? (no)
low internet speed may cause problems in synchronous meetings
looking forward to the course
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