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Fashion Industry: Journalist | Director

No description

Kristinah Kim

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Fashion Industry: Journalist | Director

Growth | Advancement
Fashion Journalist
Duties | Responsibilities
Growth | Advancement
Testing | Training
Working Conditions
Fashion Director
Duties | Responsibilities
Testing | Training
Working Conditions
Report on the daily trends and happenings of the fashion industry and relay them to readers
Accomplish this through outlets such as magazines, blogs, and columns
Create content by working with industry professionals, designers, and celebrities, and attend fashion shows and events to stay updated
Opportunities for growth
Recommended (not required): B.A. in Communications, Journalism or English
Personal Development
Self-employment through personal blog
i.e. personal "label" such as SongofStyle.com, Fashiontoast.com
Fashion publication
i.e. magazine, newspaper, website
Lucky magazine
Vogue magazine WhoWhatWear.com TheCoveteur.com
Maintain currency in industry through personal social media platforms
Increase interpersonal relations within industry -- be a likeable people person!
Gain success by earning a position at a reputable fashion company or brand
Experience in fashion retail, journalism, and internships for publications will increase likeliness of being hired
Fashion Careers
by Hyaemee K. Kim

Watch a day with in the life of a fashion journalist
Personal Development
Editorial Assistant
Department Director
(beauty, fashion news, etc.)
communication skills



personal style

sense of perspective


industry experience


affinity for writing
Fashion journalists are typically between in-the-office & on-the-go for trends and article research
wide networking
creative environment
opportunities for growth
Organizations | Networking
Watch what it is to be a fashion director
Organizations | Networking
oversee the fashion design department
create new fashion concepts for company or brand
coordinate marketing strategies
oversee publications and shoots
Bachelor's or Associate's degree in fashion merchandising, design or marketing
leadership qualities

public relations skills

highly organized

wide knowledge in design, marketing and current trends

extensive industry experience

A fashion director is typically hired by a fashion house, magazine, department store or brand
undefined hours
work outside of work
fast paced
high pressure
frequent deadlines
limited & competitive employment

Maintain an updated knowledge on the latest up-and-coming designers and brands
Create a social identity that correlates with your brand
Opportunities for growth
Creative Director
Achieve success by working for a reputable fashion company
Extensive experience, networks, contacts and stress tolerance will prepare you for the director position
Senior Vice President
Social media presence
A fashion director is responsible for creating the overall image of their company, and thus, spends long hours inside and outside of the office - attending runway shows, traveling, meeting with buyers, etc.
$60,000-$100,000+ yearly salary
large networking opportunities
position of power
long, indefinite hours (~14 hour work days)
extensive travel - always on the go
fast paced & high pressure
large responsibility to lead the company's image
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