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marshall plan

No description

Brandon 10072bea

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of marshall plan

the marshall act the devastation caused by the atomic bombs
dropped on japan and the efforts of the soviet
union to acquire similar weapons instilled fear
in both east and west, and catastrophic nuclear
war became a backdrop to the cold war policies
of both the united states and the soviet union. the united states would help restore the war torn nations so that they might create stable democracies and achieve economic recovery. about 21 million people in poland were homeless.
20 percent of the population had died nearly 1 of every 5 houses
in france and belgium had been damaged or destroyed. across europe
followed by live stocks and etc. damage that equaled three times the
nations annual income. this act would help create stonger democracies
and open new markets for american goods in 1948 congress aproved the marshall plan or the european recovery program seventeen european nations joined the plan over the next four years the united
states allocated 13 billion in grants
and loans to western europe the regions economies were quickly restored, and the united states gained strong trading partners in the region.
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