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Everyone has a story....

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Meagan McBride

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Everyone has a story....

As counselors..
We strive to be non judgmental
We strive for empathy
We strive to see the world through our clients' eyes...
My story...
Their story, my inspiration
Pro Life
Pro Choice
My choice
Her story...
Everyone has a story....
We could not divide poker chips a few weeks ago because everyone has a story...
What I discovered...
Pro- Choice is NOT pro-abortion.
“Counselors are expected to advocate to promote changes at the individual, group, institutional, and societal levels that improve the quality of life for individuals and groups and remove potential barriers to the provision or access of appropriate services being offered” (ACA Code of Ethics, 2014, Section C, p. 8).
What does that statement mean?

I couldn't stand idly by. I saw those women, some alone, some with partners, some with friends being tormented. I had no idea what brought them there that day. But I knew I could not stand by.
What we do, and why we do it
It started small, just the two of us. As moms we agreed we could commit to one Saturday a month. For the first few months it was just the two of us. It has since grown and our group consists of about 8 women. We never go alone. We don't engage the protesters. We usually take donuts to the clinic workers. We don't judge. We walk. We talk. We have silly signs. We are non confrontational. We have had our pictures taken, our lives threatened, we have been told where we are going, that we will never have kids and can't understand, that the Lord won't give us kids because of our sins, and so on and so forth. At least the hate is directed at us.
How is this social justice/advocacy?
I'm sure there is an argument that the unborn child should be advocated for....
It is also arguable that it doesn't follow the code of ethics because it says "appropriate services" which is subjective.
It comes down to this. It is a vulnerable population. There is a need. I am in a position to promote change at the inidividual level. Just a person at a time, one tough day at a time.
It was this day that lead me to research, learn for myself, discover where I stood on this.
Challenge yourself
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