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Robbie Buxton

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of C

Crime and Punishment in 1700's
You would die if you robbed a shop. Shoplifting is taking things from a shop without paying. Again people would do this because they were very poor.
Cutting down trees
If you were to cut down trees today it would only be a fine but if you were to do it in the 1700's you would die. People did this to keep warm in the 1700's but today people do to get paper.
First Fleet
Between 1788 and 1850 the English sent over 162,000 convicts to Australia in 806 ships. Some convicts got scurvy and died. On the first fleet there was over 1000 people on 11 ships. 759 of those people were convict women and men and children, 15 of them were crew and 259 of them were guards.
Impact on Aboriginals when arriving in Australia
After the land was cleared the impact started to become obvious on the aboriginals.Their land was being used by the white people, their animals were being slaughtered, their water holes were being used and were drying up and their land was being used. The aboriginals were starting to resent the white people and white people the aboriginals. The white people were hurting the aboriginals because they were stealing their crops and animals.
Stealing sheep
Stealing a sheep in our days would only be a telling off or a fine but in the 1700's it was different.In the 1700's if you were to steal a sheep you would die. People had to steal sheep to survive because they were so poor. Unless you were really rich.
Highway Robbery
Same with stealing sheep you will die if you perform a highway robbery. People do this because there are really poor and they need to have transport.
On arrival there was no port to land on. There were no buildings, just trees.Convicts had to clear the trees to make tents and headquarters-Area for convicts, Area for soldier and area for Governor Phillip. People were sent out to explore the land-water, food meat, medicines. Conditions- Extremely hot and humid. It was not seen before and people got bit by flies and mosquitoes
Arriving in Australia
Under the Boat
It was terrible under the boat, the ship leaked so convicts were constantly bailing it out. Each convict got only a little bit of food so the convicts were starving. The food they got were peas, bread and pork or meat.
The 11 Ships
1.The Alexander
2.The Borrowdale
3.The Charlotte
4.The Fishburn
5.The Friendship
6.The Golden Grove
7.The Lady Penrhyn
8.The Prince of Wales
9.The Scarborough
10.H.M.S Sirius
11.H.M.S Supply
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