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Camp X

No description

Lawrenz Sauler

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Camp X

Who Went To Camp X? What is Camp X? Why is It significant? By: Josh, David, Lawrenz, Thiago Camp X Fin Trained allied agents for use in second world war
agents were used to spy and sabotage the enemy
Allowed allies to get information from the enemy
created gadgets like the pen gun to assassinate people without suspicion Camp X was the unoffical name of a top secret commando training camp for spy's founded during the war.
Camp X was founded in 1941, by British prime minister Winston Churchill.
It was in between Lake Ontario and Whitby. the area is know as Intrepid Park today.
This Training camp was so top secret, not even the canadian prime minister knew about it. Over 500 agents were trained there. These people came from different ethnic backgrounds , including Canadian, American, British, Italian, Chinese, Yugoslavian, Hungarian, Romanian, and more.
The most famous agent who trained there is Ian Fleming. He created Bond, James Bond
Children's writer Roald Dahl and British screen writer Paul Dehn also trained at the camp CAMP X HQ Shoe transmitter explosive chocolate CAMP X Logo pigeon camera
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