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John B. Christian

No description

Abby!! Johnson!!!

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of John B. Christian

Created by: Abby Johnson John B. Christian Facts about his Career: Adult Life: At age 22, at the Unitarian Church in Sydney he married English-born Ada Jane Low, a 30- year old dressmaker

As he did industrial work in he Typographical Association of New South Wales, he gained proficiency, & DEDICATION, in his rise in the union. Pictures of lubricants Academics He began studying psychology at the University of Chicago. Watson earned his Ph.D. in psychology 1903.
Watson began teaching psychology at John Hopkins University in 1908.
He began teaching at the same college Benjamin Carson attended for neurosurgeon studies. Birth:

John Christopher Watson was born April 9, 1867 in Valparasiso, Chile. Early Life : John grew up in South Carolina. As he called himself "poor student", John entered Furum University at the age of 16. After graduating 5 years later he got a master's degree studying psychology He invented and patented new lubricants, used in high flying aircraft and NASA space missions. The lubricants worked well under a wider temperature range than previous products, from minus 50 to 600 degrees. They were used in the helicopter fuel lines, astronaut's back-pack life support systems. John Christian was working as an Air Force, Materials Research, Engineer, when he invented and patented new lubricants, used in high flying aircraft and NASA space missions. What did John
invent? In 1913, he gave a lecture/speech at Columbia University titled Psychology.

John Watson quoted in his speech/ lecture, " Psychology should be the science of observable behavior. " John B. Christian Where can NEWER lubricant oil
go? Where else is lubricant oil found?? Hammerheads
Race cars
For wheelers
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