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Who can children turn to for help at Thomas's Clapham?

Nathan Boller

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Safeguarding

Student information
Teacher police checks
New rules and laws
Miss Viki
Policy - Parents
Files and information
New laws and rules
Mrs Tuck
Who keeps me safe?
Safeguarding at Thomas's Clapham
Who can I ask for help?
Clapham Safeguarding Committee
Thomas's Clapham have a special
team of staff members who meet
once per term to make sure you are
safe and we have a safe school!
So who are they?
Thomas's Clapham
Safeguarding Committee
Mr Ward - Headmaster
Mr Boller - Assitant Head, Community and Welfare
Viki Stanton - Office Manager
Miss Stewart-Morgan - Head of Lower School
Miss Coe - Assistant Head, Curriculum

Mr Ward
Hiring Teachers
Training Teachers
Head of ICT
Mr Patel
Mr Boller
Safeguarding Manager
New teacher training
Room Safety
Safeguarding Officer
Safeguarding Officer 3-8
Julie Johnson lessons
Miss Coe
Miss Stewart-Morgan
Hiring teachers
Safeguarding Officer R,1,2
PSHCE Coordinator
Miss Mangan
Designated Safeguarding Officers
What is Safeguarding?
All children and young people need to have adults around them making sure they are kept safe from being harmed by other people or hurting themselves.
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