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Reds Under the Bed

Communism and its effects on Australia

Georgia Hartman-Smith

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Reds Under the Bed

Compiled by David McKenna Reds Under the Bed Lets find out! What did communism mean for Australia? This posed a major threat to Australian security During the 1949 elections, China became a communist nation Why? When North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950, the threat edged closer yet This drawing, also known as propaganda was created by Scorfield a conservative cartoonist. "The RED River" by Scorfield, 1954 It was published in the 'Bulletin' in 1954. On a piece of paper, sketch your cartoon! What do YOU think it looked like? The RED River How do we know these men support communism? Estimate the number of men When do you think the line will stop coming? What clothing are these men wearing? What kinds of things are they carrying? What does the cartoon suggest about their intention? How accurate is this cartoon in representing the ideas Australians
had about communism? "Nearer, Clearer, Deadlier" Norman Lindsay, 1950 what do you see in this image? Describe the character. His size, his weapons etc. What is the vegetation like? What symbol is on his shield? Gather 10 points about Norman Lindsay "Communist Dissolution Bill" McLintock, 1950 Who do you think the character is in the foreground? What is the symbol at the top of the bill? what does this suggest about the nature of the bill? Describe the men i the background What is written on the placards? What sort of place will Australia become if this bill is passed? "Cornered" Scorfield, 1950 Describe what you see in this cartoon Why would Scorfield depict Communism
in such a way? How does Scorfield think the threat of Communism should be handled? The Communist Dissolution Bill Menzies introduced and passed the Communist Dissolution Bill in 1950 1200 members of the Communist part became a 'threat to national security' For the first time in history a party had been banned and the referendum In 1951 the High Court of Australia found the bill to be unconstitutional and therefor invalid! Menzies was not perturbed, he simply introduced a referendum to ban the C.P.A The votes were close, 2.317 million were willing to ban the C.P.A
2.370 million were not.
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