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Rise of Dictators - Hitler

Events/circumstances that lead people to follow a dictator, rise of Hitler and different kinds of totalitarian regimes

Melissa Nies

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Rise of Dictators - Hitler

Guiding Questions: So why Hitler? That punch to German nationalism turns to outrage What is a dictator? Takes advantage of problems
in Europe after WWI Rise of The Dictators 1. What is a dictator?

2. How did the aftermath of WWI contribute to economic and political problems in Europe?

3. How did these problems lead to the rise of dictators like Hitler?

4. What events, situations, attitudes or ideals lead a group or individual to follow a dictator? Government controlled by one leader
Unchallenged power and authority
Allows no other parties/opponents to exist

Examples: Saddam Hussein, Bashar al-Assad
al-Assad (Syria) responded to people's revolt by ordering the military to bomb and fire on crowds (at least 3,500 killed) Problems with Peace Hitler takes advantage of
German outrage over the
state of economy Timeline 1939 1914 WWI Begins
in Europe Germans look for someone strong
to lead them out of the turmoil ... Economic Turmoil:
German Hyperinflation
in the
Weimar Republic

Weimar Republic Treaty of Versailles Details of the Versailles Treaty Many countries like France
and Italy did not believe it was
harsh enough on Germany

This feeling creates tension within Europe Treaty "punished" Germany in 3 ways 1. Military 2. Economic 3. Pride Reduced forces to 100,000 men
No tanks
No airforce
No submarines (why might the U.S. support this condition?)
European watchdog forces Territory with industry taken away
Reparations penalties = $784 billion today

Seemed clear that European countries wanted to bankrupt Germany Had to admit full responsibility for the entire WWI
Responsible for all damages in WWI Guess how long it took to pay it off their debt... Our World Today Let's get started! Which of our M-A-I-N causes of WWI are impacted by this hit to Germany's pride? 1917 U.S. enters WWI Versailles Treaty signed-
consequences for Germany 1919 1929 Black Tuesday, U.S.A.
Devastating world-wide 1933 Germany elect Hitler as
chancellor Germany passes Nuremburg
laws discriminating vs. Jews 1935 1918 WWI ends
Europe destroyed
Millions (young men) dead Germany invades Poland 1929-1939 Great Depression
(World-wide) How do you THINK the average German citizen
felt during this time?

Did they feel responsible for the entire war?
How do you think they felt about other European nations?
How do they feel about their own lives?

TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBOR Questions so far... How did the Treaty of Versailles punish Germany? In 1919, $1 could buy 4 trillion marks 5,000 marks could buy you a coffee Democratic form of government in Germany after WWI Weak and unstable Threatened by Communists
Not supported by military Austrian-born (1889)

Rejected from Austrian army
Joins German army in WWI After WWI

Joins Nazi party
Talent for public speaking
Regain honor for Germany (remember the N in M-A-I-N!)
Inspires Germans to believe they could be great again
Believed Germans were the chosen race - "Aryans"
Anti-Semitism (Jews should be removed) Hitler's Message Gave hungry, tired, defeated
Germans hope that things could get better Hitler also began training the "Hitler Youth" Why do you THINK people follow a dictator like Hitler?

Use some examples from the film.

TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBOR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C9iUaP51CI&hd=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0AiN8vrn9Y "Heil Hitler" salute mandated for all citizens Why the Jews?

History of prejudice:
Religious differences
Cultural and social differences
Prosperous 1% of population Hitler also used forms of public control and propaganda "The Jew: Inciter of war, prolonger of wars" What events on the timeline could cause problems in Europe? History How did hyperinflation contribute to problems in Germany after WWI? And Hitler also gives Germans
someone to blame for their problems Pattern in history:

When mothers can't feed their babies
they often rise up or follow someone
they believe can fix it Lion King Triumph of the Will Sense of community
Being a part of something bigger
Symbolism Journal Entry

Why do you think people follow dictators?

Considering what you know was happening during Europe at the time, do you think you would have joined or fought against Hitler?

If Hitler were in our classroom today, what would you ask him? Why? Discuss! 5-Minute Warm-Up
Respond to the video clip -
what are your thoughts about
this country and its government? Peace Treaty signed at the end of WWI

Officially ended war between Germany and Allies Joseph Stalin
Dictator of Soviet Union
Gov't: Totalitarianism
Used violence to crush opponents
Use of propaganda and control Benito Mussolini
Dictator of Italy
Gov't: Facism
Stressed the glory of the state
Crushed individual liberties 5-Minute Warm-Up

Why do you think some schools ask students to wear uniforms? Hitler becomes a real threat

Ways Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailles

1. Stopped paying reparations
2. Secretly re-armed Germany
3. Built an airforce
4. Required all able-bodied men to join the military
5. Started annexing other regions/nations Objective:
What is a dictator and why do people follow them? Hideki Tojo
Dictator of Japan
Gov't: Militarism
Stressed military control and nationalism Adolph Hitler
Dictator of Germany
Gov't: Nazism
Propaganda - extreme idealism
Demonize Jews; Deify leader and Aryans What do the hyenas want? 5-Minute Warm-Up:
Why do schools have students wear uniforms? You are responsible for the war
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