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10 min Presentation on Mud Bogging

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Ali Begin

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of 10 min Presentation on Mud Bogging

by; Alicia Begin General Term of Mud Bogging ** Basically an event where competitors drive their vehicles through mud pits. It could be racing through the muddy tracks or competing how far you can drive through a deep bog. **Competitors remodel vehicles for mud bogging condition. Then they can compete in various mud bogging events for money or sponsors. Bogging can also be for the fun of it. ** Mud Bogging was originated in Alberta; became popular in the southern States, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. * ** What mud bogs are there and what events? **Open Bog **Hill & Hole **Fast Track **Engine Remodeling **Tire Remodeling

*Lifted Suspensions
*Wide, swathed, sand, or paddle tires.
*Strong Axles **Other Remodels **Classes **Tires *Tires can be classified. It depends on how high the competitor has the suspensions, or the style of tires are put on. *Big block engine.
*Tough transmission with low gears.
*Exhaust pipes.
*Shift Kit
*Transmission brake.
*Cooling system.
*Nitrous Oxide **Engine *Engines can be classified by how powerful or modifications are put on. Ex. nitrous oxide added, extra cooling system, more HP. **Three Classes

*Modified *Frame
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