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Social Studies Project

Ben Casper

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Missouri

Missouri is nicknamed the "Gateway to the West" because, everyone started their journey to the west there. Gov. Nixon
vetos and
passes laws.
Lt. Gov. Kinder
serves as the
Senior Advocate stem cell reaserch. In 1904, St.
Louis held the World's Fair!
When there was a civil
war in 1861-1865, St. Louis
was the most important city
in the West.
St. Louis was found by
Pierre Laclede Lguest in 1763. At St. Louis
World's Fair
in 1904 Richard
Blechyden, served
tea with ice and
invented iced tea.
In the World's Fair
ice cream cones
were also invented. Etienne de Ve'naird was the first to explore
the Missouri rizer.
Pierre de Lacle'de and Rene' built a trading
village in Missouri.
Robert was the third to
explore Missouri.
Marquette was the first to
find Missouri. A blue bird is
Missouri's state animal
{of course it's found
in MO}. Cite
Map of mo,Missouri and
Mississippi rizers,and
all land regions and
resorces:google images:
mo maps.
One nick name for mo:
google:mo nick names.
Gov./Lt. Gov.:google:
Gov. of mo and Lt. Gov.
of mo.
Two or more symbols:
google images: symbols
of mo.
5 famous Missourians
and their contriutions:
google: famous
3 or more important
dates in Missouri:
google:important dates
in mo.
Two or more facts:
google: facts about mo.
One or more animal{s}
in Missouri: google:
animals of mo. By Ben C!! The arch is located in St.Louis. The state
capitol is
in Jefferson
City. Extras are next.
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