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Why sleep early?

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huhu huhuh

on 19 August 2017

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Transcript of Why sleep early?

Sleep Early - The Path to Vitality
Consequences of Not Sleeping Early
Tips to Sleep Early
Disadvantages of
Sleeping Early
EXTRA Benefits Of Sleeping Early!
I) Sleeping late leads to waking up late
Advantages of
Sleeping Early
Develop a good bedtime ritual
be done before sleep
Alcohol (3 hours)
Caffeine (5 hours)
Set the electronic device to curfew - at least
95 % of people
used electronic device within an hour before going to sleep at least few days in a week
of Sleeping Late
Extra Benefits of
Sleeping Early
Tips to Sleep Early
Misguided Sleep Myths
1. Sleep Is NOT Important.
It Is Time-Wasting.
I Can Just Get By On A Few Hours.
2. Sleep Is Important, BUT :
Skipping A Little Sleep Isn't That Horrible!
I Can Make Up For Lost Sleep - Repaying The "Sleep Debt".
I Am A Short Sleeper, So It's FINE...
I Will Learn To Need Less Sleep!
It Doesn't Matter When I Go To Sleep.
1. Protective Against Mood Disorders
2. Higher Activity Level & Lower Weight
3. Promotes Heart Health

The Importance of Sleeping Early

Best time range to go to bed for:
Adults 18-45 years - 9pm to 11pm.
Older people - Sleep earlier.
(INeedMotivation, 2008)
The Circadian Sleep Cycle
Protective Against
Mood Disorders
Higher Activity Level
& Lower Weight
Promotes Heart Health
& Fights Cancer
Early Bedtime & Family Time
Kick-start a new breakfast routine!
Eating Together, Being Together
Healtheir & More Nutrition...
i) Light exposure reduces level of melatonin.
ii) Melatonin makes us sleepy and helps suppress the growth of tumors.
Lack of sleep can raise the sensation of hunger by 25 percent. Sleep more or you eat more.
Studies showed that early-bed/early-rise group demonstrated higher activity levels.
Researchers concluded that earlier bedtimes generally lengthen overall sleep duration and thus are protective against mood disorders in adolescents.

Bedtimes routine of
Midnight or later
24 % - suffer from
20 % - consider
III) Affect mental health and academic performance
Consequences of Not Sleeping Early
Consequences of Not Sleeping Early
Consequences of Not Sleeping Early
II) Physical appearance will be affected
Our body needs to recover from the amount of energy used in the day
Insufficient recovery of energy will cause us become weak and tired
Impede daily routine and family time
Pimples and other skin problems
Dark circles under our eyes
Mental health would be impaired
Declination in the concentration level
Insufficient concentration level will decline academic performance
Cardiovascular diseases:
a) high blood pressure
b) stroke
c) coronary heart disease
d) irregular heartbeat
(HubPages, 2013)
(HubPages, 2013)
(Lowry,M. et al, 2010)
(Sisson, M., 2011)
IV) Liver damage
functions disrupted (detoxification- 11pm to 1am)
accumulate fats which contributes to fatty liver
increase cholesterol level which leads to heart problems
If You Sleep Early, You Will...
1. Wake up earlier with more energy the next morning.
2. Have healthier physical appearance and more confidence.
3. Attain increased mental health and academic performance.
4. Have a healthier liver.
It’s crucial to have not only the right amount of sleep, but to also sleep at the right time.

Your health, your choice.
You decide the best for yourself.
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