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Bethany Hamilton

No description

Aaliyah Gordon

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Bethany Hamilton

Obstacle 1 Her arm was bitten off by a shark
Obstacle 2 She couldn't do all of the things she normally did before that happened.
Obstacle 3 She couldn't surf for a while because she kept falling off of her surfboard every time she tried to stand up.

Obstacles in person’s life
How did the obstacles affect Bethany life
How these obstacles affected the person It affected Bethany’s life because she has to figure out how to do things with only one hand.
work cited


Bethany Hamilton
By Aaliyah Gordon

Age and birthday 24 February 8, 1990 shes famous for being Professional Surfer
I chose her because she over came a big obstacle when her arm was bitten off by a shark.

How the person overcame the obstacles
Obstacle 1 She lived even know her arm was bitten off by a shark and she could have died.
Obstacle 2 She was pushing her self to do things and she was able to do a lot with one arm.
Obstacle 3 Her family helped her be able to surf again and her dad had a way she could go under water with her surfboard without drowning.

How she has impacted my life and did the person change me in any way?
She impacted my life because knowing what shes been through made me realize that you should live life to the fullest because you never when it will end.
Yes she changed me in a couple of ways because now i love to help people in need.

What lessons can be learned and what is the overall message you can take from this person?
The lessons that can be learned is that if something really bad happens to you. You can overcome it and you should not just do nothing you can try to be something you always wanted to be.
You can become what you want because she wanted to be a pro surfer and she was even know she only has one arm.

Description of person
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