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Creating a Reading Culture:

Exploring Books, Technology, and Partnering with your Public Library

Jill Graboski

on 29 December 2011

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Transcript of Creating a Reading Culture:

Create a Book Culture
Creating a Reading Culture:
Exploring Books, Technology, and Partnering with your Public Library

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(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
Importance of Reading
unlocks the entire world of learning
enhances vocabulary, writing and speaking skills
encourages kids to be life long learners- reading is not just a school activity!
helps provide a sense of perspective and compassion
supplies an endless world of possibilities
eport Books that fill an information need for reports or homework assignments

asy Reading books below reading level, picture books, and/or magazines help
readers by being low stress and build reading confidence
ood for Comfort Re-reading a favorite book (again and again) is like revisiting an old friend.
Listening to an audiobook is comforting, like having you read to them!
aughter Reading is fun! Comic books, joke books, "light reads" remind readers that
books are to be enjoyed!
nnui Exploring new fiction genres, authors or nonfiction expands the reading
hallenge Stretching to try something different or above one's reading level flexes
those reading muscles. The pride that comes with reading a book
outside the comfort zone encourages readers and future risk taking.
antalizing Visuals Visual literacy is important and getting lost in amazing artwork or "gross"
photographs is another valuable part of the reading spectrum.
imply Perfect Reading a book that matches reading skills, emotion state or development,
and interest level is sure to hold attention!

e oh my! Books that contain information about topics kids want or need to know
about i.e.) puberty, death and dying, moving etc.
vening Ritual Show that you value books and reading by creating reading rituals, i.e.)
bedtime reading routine, books as presents, "drop everything and read"
family time.
How do I Find Good Books?
Be a reading role model

Let your children see
you enjoying books and magazines!
Join a parent/child book club
or attend other library/literacy
Go to the Library
Subscribe to a magazine
Listen to Audio Books on Car Trips
Have books all around the house

There is something to be said for reading material in the bathroom!
Buy Book Apps or Reading Games

Tablets and e-readers offer new ways to excite readers.

There are many beautiful childrens reading and educational apps! Look beyond the Angry Birds!

Getting a book your child wants instantly in their hands maintains reading momentum.

E-readers can help build reading skills through features like highlighting text while text is read aloud and providing instant definitions/pronunciation for unfamiliar words.

Newton subscribes to Overdrive, a e-book and e-audiobook resource with thousands of titles for kids and adults!
Beginning Readers
Learning to read is hard! Choose easy books to build
confidence, just right books to practice and continue to
read aloud to promote a love of books and stories.

Reluctant Readers
There are many reasons a child might not actively love
reading. To encourage these readers, find books that match
their interests. Visual books, nonfiction, graphic novels, and
audio books are great options. Make reading time fun - not

Boy Readers
Like with reluctant readers, find books that match their
interests and sensibility. Author Jon Sczescka's website
Guysread.com has a wealth of information and suggestions.

It's also important for boys to see the men in their lives
reading. Boys who are read to by their fathers actually
end up preforming better on reading acheivement tests!

Ask your librarian for help! We get questions about challenging readers all the time!
Bring your child to book sales, book stores and your library! Browse all areas! You never know what might become an interest and it helps new readers see what's out there.
Explore favorite authors, illustrators and subjects
The library has many booklists online on popular topics and authors. We also have links to popular children's book recommending sites.
Learn how to use our online public catalog. In each book record you can read the description of the book, reviews that help recommend reading age level, the order of a book series, and other similar titles.
Ask your librarian for help! It makes our day!

Today, there are so many options and distractions....
Because there are so many other options competing for the attention of you and your child, it's even more important to choose enjoyable reading material.

But what makes a "good" book GOOD?
A good book should reflect the interests and needs of the reader. The REFLECT ME acronym can help navigate reading choices.
Newton subscribes to TumbleBook a collection of animated childrens e-books. Books can be read independently or children read along to the narration. There are also comprehension games to enjoy. It's even iPad friendly!
Technology can be your friend in creating a reading culture!
Audiobooks are still reading! They expose readers to rich vocabulary which ultimately helps with reading and self expression. Audiobooks are perfect for long car rides and settling down at night.
Try a library Playaway! A single book on a listening device that requires only batteries and headphones.
All reading is good reading when you are trying to create a reading friendly culture at home. Explore diverse reading options, enjoy the magic of stories and the craft of great books.
Jill Graboski, Supervisor of Children's Services
Newton Free Library

And of course, remember you aren't alone! Ask your librarian for help and suggestions.
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