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Matt H.

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of 

♦Road To Revolution♦
•The Stamp Act•
-Occurred in 1765
-It required all legal & commercial documents to carry official stamps
-Diplomas, Contracts, newspapers, and even wills had to be stamped
-This was pretty much an entirely new type of tax
♦ƒ•Townshend Acts•
-Occurred in 1767
-One of the acts suspended all of New York's ports
-Another act placed import taxes on everything
-The money earned was used to pay the soldiers
•Boston Massacre•
-Occurred March 5,1770
-During this event, Crispus Attucks was killed
-Happened because of a verbal jab at the Red Coats
-the Redcoats that did the shooting were arrested
•Tea Act•
-All acts but the tax on tea were repealed
-Showed that the Parliament still had the power to place taxes on the colonists
-Colonist had to pay for Regulated Tea
- Enraged colonists and Merchants
•Proclamation of 1763•
-Occurred in 1763
-This forbid settlers from expanding past the Appalachian
-Created Feuds between colonists and the Government
-Helped cause the war for Independence
•The Quartering Act•
-Occurred in 1765
-A cost-saving maneuver that forced settlers to house and supply British Soldiers
-General Thomas Gage put most of his forces in New York
-Made it so that the colonies had to pay some of the war effort
•Boston Tea Party•
-Occurred on December 16, 1773
-Fanned them flames of Rebellion
-A group of rebels dresseed as Indians hijacked a British Boat and destroyed 342 chests of tea
-Britain wanted not only repayment, but also justice

•Intolerable Acts•
-Occured in 1774
-This is the what the settlers dubbed what the British called the Coercive Acts
-One of these acts closed the ports of Boston
-Another appointed General Thomas Gage as the governer
-Occured sometime in September 1774
-Delegates voted to ban all trade with Britain until the Intolerable acts were repealed
-Called each colony to tell them to start making troops
-Georgia agreed to be part part of the actionsof the congress
Battles of Lexington and Concord
-Occured in April 19
-First battles of the Revolutionary War
-Lasted only a few minutes
-In Concord, they destroyed the military's supplies
Common Sense
-Occurred in early 1776
-Convinced many Americans break from Britain
-Written by Thomas Paine
-Ridiculed the government of Monarchy
1st Continental Congress
2nd Continental Congress
-Occurred around May 10
-Happened in Philadelphia
-Agreed to form the Continental Army
-George Washington, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, Ben Franklin
1st Continental Congress
Garcia, Jesus, Donna M. Ogle, C. Frederick Risinger, Joyce Stevos, Winthrop D. Jordan Creating America: A History of the United States. Evanston, Illinois: McDougal Littell, 2003.
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