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Career analysis cason kelly

The job I want to do.

Cason Kelly

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Career analysis cason kelly

By Cason Kelly Education needed
You really don't need to go to college for
this career you need to finish high school so you can get your
business license. Lawn service Lawn service responsibilties
You have to keep your customers lawn maintained and in good condition. The average salary
The average salary depends on how many lawns you mow
and how much you charge. Some Lawn Services mow more yards than others so therefore they make more money. The customers are variety of people ranging fom elderly
to young or just anyone who dosen't want to mow their own lawn. This company works business to businees by ordering other parts from other company's. The problems that need to be solved the most is
fixing parts on the lawn equipment and changing the blade.
Math is used alot in this career you have to estimate what level the yard has to be
cut on so you don't damage the ownwers lawn and you have to estimate prices and find
how much they need to pay you each month. Written and verbal communications needed: Be Respectful, Good body language and being able to work in a group. Career application used is
microsoft exel to keep track of people
who have to pay and how much they owe. Ethical issues this careers face is helping people out just to help them because the elderly can't do certain things. The future for this career in 10 years is possibly growing even more
and get become a popular job. This career will be in higest
demand when alot of people physically
can't mow their lawn or just to busy to
do it. This will be popular all over the U.S
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