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xbox 360

No description

Demetrius Hernandez

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of xbox 360

Everything About the MW2 Limited Edition Xbox 360 By:Demetrius Hernandez This is the MW2 Limited Edition Xbox 360. On that Xbox it has 250Gb, and what comes with the game modern warefare2 and a mic with 2 controlers. This is the wireless adaptor for the Xbox 360 so I can go on wireless internet. These are points you can get with any xbox and the stuff you can buy is avatar clothes and games movies and more..... What you can do with a mic you can talk to other people online or playing a game. I would rather be playing xbox 360 than doing math. And I would rather play xbox then clean the toilet. i will be showing you some of my favourite games. this is left for dead 2. This is bioshock 2. Why I like it, is because one guy saves the little girl and it is beast. This is call of duty world at war and why i like it cause it is just like modern warefare 2 but fun. This is halo 3. and why i like it cause i am a big halo fan. Modern Warefare 2 is such a fun game!! I DEMAND YOU TO BUY IT!! This is gears of war 2 and i like is because it has heavy machine guns. Thank you for watching my prezi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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