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Lara's Prezi

Lara's Prezi!! :D:D

Lara Al Ansari

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Lara's Prezi

Is texting taking its toll on correct usage of language? Yes it is, in many ways, and these are some examples. In texting, people use shortcuts for words. Teachers think that
texting is a very
bad infleunce on the
students spelling and
grammar. Students get used to writing these shortcuts and start writing them in essays, projects, etc. Errors like this
can affect
a student's grade.
People also start
using these shortcuts
in their daily language.
Some people text too
much, and lose their
capability to spell some words
that can be abbreviated. Students get very addicted to texting.
Some of the shortcuts are:
LOL!- laugh out loud :)
R- are! :)
U- you :)
Y- why? :)
GTG! :( - got to go :(
ILY!- i love you
WBU?- what 'bout you?
SUP? - Whats up? :)
OMG! - oh my god! :O!
by Lara: 7A! :) People and teachers
think texting is the
start of bad writing
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