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Sir Learnsalot and the Sorceress Librarian

Follow along with Sir Learnsalot on his quest to discover library resources

Hunt ERR

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Sir Learnsalot and the Sorceress Librarian

The Tales of Sir Learnsalot
and the Sorceress Librarian

watch the introductory video:
The Tale of Sir Learnsalot
and the Sorceress Librarian
watch the video module
Can you find the location and hours of operation for the ERR on the Library website?
Have you downloaded the VPN client or configured your computer to use the proxy server in order to access licensed library databases from off campus?
Apply the Three-Step Formula from "The Craft of Research" to your current research. See how the prompt from your assignment fits into this model.
1. Topic: I am studying ?
2. Question: Because I want to find out what/why/how?
3. Significance: In order to help my reader understand?
watch the video module
watch video module
Is the Boolean operator AND searching for all of your search terms, any of your search terms, or none of your search terms?
What are some keywords to describe your topic?
What are some synonyms for your topic?
watch video module
In this module, our hero gets some input on:
when and when not to use Google
how to evaluate online resources and websites
the difference between Google and Google Scholar
how to locate databases of authoritative licensed research resource by subject and type of resource
Appy the CRAAP test (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose) to a journal article on your topic you find using Google Scholar.
watch the video module
Conduct a search in the library catalog to find:
An authoritative edition of your primary text(s)
An authoritative subject-focused encyclopedia that contains a broad contextual overview and general background information on your topic/author/work
Books about your topic/author/work
watch video module
watch video module
Find an article on your topic from a scholarly journal using the MLA International Bibliography?
In this module, our hero is introduced to:
general information about the English Reading Room (ERR) and the Library System
where to find information on the Library website (http://www.library.ucla.edu) about library hours, locations, etc. , including information about affiliated collections such as the English Reading Room
the types of resources that can be found under the "Search and Find" tab
how to find research guides by subject
In this module, our hero learns how to connect to licensed library content from off campus through the BOL Proxy Server or the VPN client (https://www.bol.ucla.edu/).
In this module, our hero learns:
the difference between primary and secondary sources
some strategies and tools to help define, broaden, or narrow his topic
Where to get more information about the research process and subject-specific writing :
UC Libraries Research Tutorial
Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Purdue OWL "Writing in Literature"
MLA Handbook
Booth, Wayne C., Gregory G. Colomb, and Joseph M. Williams. The Craft of Research
In this module, our hero learns how to effectively structure searches in library databases using Boolean logic and the Boolean operators.
In this module, our hero learns what types of resources are included in the library catalog and how to conduct searches in the library catalog.
In this module, our hero learns:
the difference between scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles and popular/trade/newspaper articles.
how to find article databases
how to format searches in select article database:
MLA International Bibliography
watch the video module
In this module, our hero is introduced to library research guides and other campus librarians and who can assist him with his current and future library needs.
Conducting research can be like a quest,
so let's follow along with Sir Learnsalot on his quest to discover research
resources in the ERR and beyond.
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