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Adaptions Project

No description

Gaby Lehmann

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Adaptions Project

Adaptations Project
Plant-Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Physical Adaptation
Aloe Vera has thick and fleshy leaves, which are enlarged to provide the water tissue. The leaf cuticle is thick and covered with a layer of wax.
Hedgehog's Extra Adaptation
Hedgehog Habitat Information
Hedgehogs inhabit a wide range across a
variety of climates
terrains in East Africa
. They must have
dry shelters on well-drained soil and a good supply of ground-dwelling insects and other invertebrates
. Hedgehogs can be found in the continents of
Europe, Asia, Africa, and parts of New Zealand
. Hedgehogs are reported to be abundant in Suburban Nairobi, Kenya, which meets the perfect habitat conditions.
Behavioral Adaptations
Picture Sources
When startled a strong muscle in the hedgehog's back will pull the hedgehog into a ball, protecting its underbelly.
Hedgehog Physical
Website URL
A Physical adaptation of this critter is the color of its fur and spines. The brown to gray color blends in with the more arid and hot habitat, providing camouflage to also protect from predators and to sneak up on prey easily without being noticed.
Since the plant has a waxy thick coat, the water droplets slide down to the roots and absorb in the tissue.
New physical adaptation
Thicker coat
How does it survive?
A thicker coat can provide the hedgehog with warmth during the winter. It also can provide the hedgehog with an option to hibernate if adapted correctly.
New Ecosystem
The Arctic
This squirrel has a thick furry coat which provides it with heat and warmth during the cold months.
Aloe Vera Habitat Information
Aloe vera is grown in relatively
warm and dry climate, often rocky and exposed areas.
The plant mostly grows in
Africa, it can also grow on islands in the southern Mediterranean and in the West Indies
. It needs a considerable amount of water to live.
Gaby Lehmann
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