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Rachel Saint

A biography of the beautiful missionary Rachel Saint!

Brianna Gamez

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Rachel Saint

Childhood School and Saving People Training Rachel's
Youth (Before the unknown) Rachel's Preparation Ecuador Life In Ecuador 1914-1994 Rachel Saint -January 2, 1914
-Wycote, Pennsylvania
-Adventurous family with 7 brothers
-Attended prayer meetings and Sunday school in youth
-Often read missionary stories to her brothers, including Nate, before bed.
-Very involved in school -1934 Philadelphia Bible School

-1938 Keswick Colony of Mercy

-1948-49 University of Oklahoma
for the Summer Institution of

-Sent to Mexico! Worked with Loretta Anderson

Shapra People: Head hunters
-Why didn't they kill them?
-Made friends
-Translated their language
-Converted the Chief and his wife >1958 Rachel returned with Elisabeth Elliot
>1959 Gained a settlement within the Waorani territory
>She worked with the SIL to make a reservation for the Waorani
>Continued her work creating a dictionary in the Indian language and translating the Bible
>Ordered to retire
>Instead, she left the SIL, fund raised in the U.S and stayed in Ecuador until she died in Quito 1994 at the age of 80 of cancer.
>Buried in the Waorani preserve *Learned the process of linguistics while dealing with the unforgiving jungles of south America. Sent by the SIL to train in Mexico! Peruvian Adventures! Loretta continued to work with the Shapra people after Rachel left for Ecuador >1955 Opportunity to go to a missionary base in Ecuador where her brother Nate had been a pilot for some years
>Trouble with the Waorani/Huaorani People
>Met Dayuma, who taught her the language
>1956 Nate and the 4 other men with him were killed by the indigenous people
>Remarkably, her response to her brothers death was insisting that because of this she had a spiritual with the Waorani people.
>She then told everyone their story [The people who spear other people] Tour of the U.S Rachel traveled with Dayuma, going to conventions and talk shows <The SIL sent James Yost to investigate

<She had integrated changes in the indian culture such as monogamy and clothing

<Reported to call them Auca (which she knew would have been derogatory)

<In 1976, Yost ordered her to retire Criticism
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