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A'lysa Allison

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of VRSC SM PLAN

Veteran Resource Support Center
Top Line Message
Serve Well Those Who Have Served
This will be placed in the biography of the Facebook and Twitter profiles
Social Media Channels
This will be the VRSC's biggest platform. Current veterans and students will be able to connect with each other through this medium and find out different events that may be taking place.
Twitter: #TAMUVRSC
This will be another primary source of information but will be a shortened version because it can only be 140 characters. This will be more appealing to the traditional students and help get the veterans collaborated with the student body.
Case Studies
In Conclusion
LinkedIn will be the "enhancement profile" for the VRSC that will be used once the two main platforms of Facebook and Twitter are up and running, and see a constant flow of interaction.
A group will be created to allow current and former veteran students a professional outlet to aid in their "application to vocation."
University of Utah Veteran Support Center
Facebook Group
We suggest keeping the Facebook group that was already established because this is more private. You can talk with just veterans and give information that may not be pertinent to the student body as a whole.

UVSC does a good job of posting information pertinent to their veterans
Shares information from Utah financial aid, Student Veterans of America and posts about special events for the veterans, such as getting free coffee in the office for finals.
Voice and Tone
Audience Identification
Voice and tone will be more of your brand than your content. Therefore, the voice must remain constant for all posts and platforms.
A strong voice that is authoritative, but not overbearing would be best.
Through proper voice and tone, the VRSC can also convey the Aggie Spirit. This will help create a response to TAMU traditions.
Military jargon and acronyms can also be used, this will establish familiarity with student veterans. However, it is encouraged that such jargon be limited to the Facebook group
Primary- Undergrad veterans/Traditional students
Secondary- Dependents
Tertiary- Faculty, Staff, Advisers
U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
This is a good Facebook page to like and follow information
Shareable content such as photos, stories, current events and issues or quotes pertinent to TAMU veterans
One regular feature

Transformation Tuesday:
Ask the audience to post a photo of their time in the service and then one of them in their Aggie gear.
Fun Fact Friday:
Post a fun fact or unknown fact that would be interesting to veterans and give some knowledge to the other fans.
Suggested Lists to Follow
Original Content
Association of Former Students: www.facebook.com/aggienetwork
Texas A&M University: : www.facebook.com/tamu
University of Utah Veteran Support: https://www.facebook.com/uvets
Student Veterans of America: www.facebook.com/studentvet
Career Center: www.facebook.com/hireaggies
Bush Library: www.facebook.com/bushlibrary
Original content should be content the VRSC produces themselves, and comes directly from the office.
EX: "Swing by the office to pick up Aggie football tickets. Two per vet and the tickets are first come, first serve."
Linked Content
Linked content is content and information the VRSC takes from another source. It would be wise to keep this content Texas A&M or veteran related.
EX: If the TAMU Facebook page shares information about an event on campus that would peak the VRSC's audience's interest, it would be a good idea to share this content on tot he VRSC Facebook page.
Texas A&M University: @TAMU
Veteran Affairs: @DeptVetAffairs
Financial Aid: @TAMU_SFAID
University of Utah Veteran Affairs: @UtahVA
Veterans United: @veteransunited
Texas A&M System: @tamusystem

Appropriate Graphics
Marketing Methods

We suggest during a tailgate at a football game handing out water bottles with the VRSC logo and social media links on it. Also handing out flyers or posting signs around campus to create awareness of the VRSC.
Adjustment Plan
Facebook Profile Photo: 180 pixels by 180 pixels
Facebook Cover Photo: 851 pixels by 315 pixels
Twitter Profile Photo: 81 pixels by 81 pixels
Twitter Header Image: 520 pixels by 260 pixels
Twitter Desktop Image: 1600 pixels by 1200 pixels
Managing Social Media Platforms
free management tool
add up to five social media sites
add streams to monitor content
We think a good goal is having 500 followers by the end of nine months. If this is not met we suggest reviewing the content and seeing what was most popular and what didn't have as high of a response and adjusting to this research.
Know the audience
Keep the voice, tone and top line message steady
Keep content pertinent
Establish a regular feature
Evaluate progress and make adjustments
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