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Katherine Henderson

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Morocco

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Morocco Officially bi-lingual
Arabic and French
Spanish is spoken in northern Morocco
Berber is also spoken, and has 4 different dialects. Berbers are the indigenous people of Morocco. Language Traditions Dress Values Habits Food Social System & Political System Ethnic Groups Non-Verbal Communication Social/Gender Roles Souks-open air markets (Marrakech-largest souk)
"Feed your guests, even if you are starving"
When invited over one should bring a gift and remember to take off your shoes when you enter the house.
Be sure to wash your hands before eating and try everything. You don't have to finish though. Rabat Couscous is a common Berber dish.
Beef is the most common meat
Green tea with mint is a popular drink
Pickled lemons are a delicacy
Bocadillo is a common fast food in souks. Baguette filled with salad, meat, fish, or omelette.
Dessert is usually fruit, but sometimes pastries.
Diellaba loose, full-sleeved, flowing gown, with a head cover
men generally wear a cap, which is known as a tarbouche and their footwear consists of flat leather slippers called baboosh and are generally yellow in color. Religion is a way of life.
Family is very important.
Family comes first- before friends, work, and sometimes marriage.
Many people are middle to lower class. If you come from a wealthy family you have a better chance of getting a well paid job, especially if your father is of importance.
Constitutional Monarchy-the government is stable and has been since its independence from France in 1956. The King is Muhammad VI. Arab/Berber
99% access to mosques and holy places is forbidden to non-Muslims.
Do not drink, smoke or eat in public during Ramadan.
Farewell to everyone is a must.
When there are many people at a social gathering you start with the first person to your right.and then continue to your left. When greeting a woman do not make eye contact if she does not.
Same sex friends kiss on the cheek when greeting.
Men shake hands and pat each other on the heart as a sign of respect. Men typically gather in sidewalk cafes. Men are also the head of house and no decision can be made without them.
Women stay at home to cook and maintain the home and raise the children.
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