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Kirra Reimann

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Tutankhamun

Historical Context
was an Egyptian Pharaoh. He ruled from 1332-1323B.C. Pharaoh Tutankhamun was more commonly known as King Tut.Tutankhamun was found on November 4 1922 by Howard Carter.
Main Features of Tutankhamun
King Tut's tomb is located in the "Valley of Kings"in Egypt. His tomb is quite small compared to how high up he was. The tomb walls are all gold with paintings.
Why is Tutankhamun's Site Important?
Tutankhamun's site is important because
it is the only Ancient Egyptian tomb that was discovered near perfect. The tomb was raided in ancient times causing some damage and missing items but other than that it was the only one with its wall paintings still perfect and not washed out.
Howard Carter had been working in Egypt for 31 years before he found the tomb. After World War I Lord Carnarvon hired Carter and himself and Carter started to excavate "The Valley of The Kings" searching for the tomb. Carter said he found many clues including a faience cup, a piece of gold foil, and a cache of funerary .











The Documentry "Ultimate Tutankhamen"

Specialists Used to investigate King Tut's Mummy
Bob Brier, an Egyptologist like Howard Carter.
Paul Doherty, a Historian.
Christine El Mahdy, an Egyptologist
Michael R. King & Gregory M. Cooper, King a detective, Cooper a FBI profiler
Christian Timmann and Christian Meyer, Medical Doctors & Scientists.

King Tut's tomb really isnt his it's Eye's the person
who took over the throne.

His mummy is a "charred wreck" because linseed oil is self heating & his bandages were dry and oxygen was subject to his mummy and so he was "smoked".

His sarcophagus was made for his mother Nefertiti.

There was no heart left in his body.

He was a warrior and died at war.

His toes were cut off his sarcophagus.

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