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Internship Project Summer 2012

Justin Pavel Interactive

Justin Pavel

on 15 February 2018

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Transcript of Internship Project Summer 2012

Micro-site & TOP service
intern project summer

Kevin, Nikki, and inveractive's idea to combine SEO and ICM services is smart in growing this departments' goal attainment, profit building, relationship retention, and credibility.
Word of mouth advertising is free and the most effective way to conduct advertising. (also the oldest, currently re-circulated by the ease of social media)
Social media is an avenue to shape keywords for tradional SEO and to study trends by effective social listening which can be analyzed and adapted to maximize investment.

The world has moved from the bad notion of old SEO spammers, towards a nicer, more effecive sounding social media marketer.

Social media optimization is a form of basic SEO.
A world of change
SEO Summit
Social Media
The peak (Optimized searches) only extends as high as the interactive ground work (social media) allows. This is the current search trend, as reported by BIG search engine machines beucase:
Customer relationship is best done on social media, where the consumer is almost garenteed to be loged-in, already in their confort zone after clicking through their family christmas album, while doing some online shopping.

The free-est and easiest way to research a nitch and their trends is by creating a public page on Facebook or Twitter. There are many third party social media analytic programs to measure and shape this information. Social media is also the easiest way for clients to share content.

Customer service is also trending towards real time with the use of social media. Q & A's become public and built by involovement of loyal customers that social media makes feel speical.
Customer involvement is a key aspect of social media which lends real time data and direction for traditional SEO.
Videos increase viewer involvment by 38% Most people don't think of using YouTube becuase they don't know how or don't have material to make a video. Nothing explains something like a video. Having informative and entertaining videos says something about your company before you've said anything.
Search engines now pull information from social
Media Sites for real time human search rankings. This is in light of a Google algorithm change from Pengiun to Panda earlier this year 2012. This moved webmasters from "link juicing" to writing informative blogs on or attachted to social media profiles in order for their site to rank higher.
Facebook has more weekly traffic than Google in the U.S.
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the World behind Google.
Google +1 button is served more than 5 billion times per day
More than 250 million people access Facebook through their mobile devices
More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook
30 billion pieces of content is shared on Facebook each month
Twitter is handling 1.6 billion queries per day
YouTube generates 92 billion page views per month -minus mobile views & embedments.
fastest growing segment to use social media of all kinds are "college-aged kids"
Service enhancement
The services optimize each other and when one service is done with out the other it's like leaving money on the table. The combined service will make more money for Gragg, while increasing performance in search optimization on all levels for clients.
Social Media includes, but not limited to: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pintrest, Foursquare, instagram, and Flickr.
Intern assignment was to combine the services of SEO and ICM, which is currently offered at Gragg al-a-carte. These services are researched to be more effective when done together.
Create social media profiles and inter-link them together.
Update auto responders to include social media links, freind and follow daily leads.
CRM - customer support, market research, product launch, and brand reputation management.
Optimize program keywords.
Create a lot of opportunity to be seen on many parts of the web through updated, creative, informative, and entertaining posts.
Anaylitics, Monthy, Quarterly reports.
As technology is more mastered, videos will be available for everyone, everywhere, babies watch videos. 87% of internet users watch online videos
Google also owns YouTube which like Google+ will increase serach rankings by having an active engaged profile and links from one social outlet to others.
Yet, it's no basic form anymore, due to the real time technology affords to everybody. Real time search is the future of how to look up things on the net. Social Media is the laborginhi that's going to deliver this real time interactive search system.
Computers use to read only what humans gave it, But now by everyone and their mothers volunteering their information on social media sites, we are able to track this pipeline of information. This allows for more specific campigns and anaylitics. (demographics, socioeconomic-status, geography)
SEO cannot thrive, if it does not incorporate the social web. Social Media on the other hand is here to stay with or without SEO. SEO is now a full service online PR package.

Organic is something that is grown naturally, not keyed up to find users. So the time to grow the fully intergrated TOP service at Gragg is here.
Enhance website traffic flow by using keywords
Geo-targeted locations
Quality backlinks
Analyzing site structure and usability
Identify a competitive keyword strategy
Create brand awareness through social media networking
Blog posts
Survey followers and provide feedback
Google Fiber is coming to Kansas city and Google officals have said that speed of the network in Kansas city will be 100x faster then common broadband, and nothing benfits more than social media. This is a great time for fresh ideas in regards to social media in KC.
Link building is a tactic for chasing Google's algorithm.
Strong social content is a strategy, that will extend enviably. Great content can send you targeted traffic for years. And not just search traffic, but referral, social and viral/word of mouth traffic.
It is important that companies concentrate on quality content, because algorithm up-dates from Google and those guys will only rely on social media and human input more towards the future. Google is now valuing authorship, natural links, and social signals far more highly. So the next natural step is content marketing.
If you don’t do something different, nothing will change. Keep it moving!
TOP service would provide clients with more exposer leading to a quanity of quality leads. Social media improves the two main drives behind organic search and social media search. Neat social media profiles also help to assist with direct mail, email marketing, and website functionality.
Link building is now a by-product of Social Media content. Natural links only.
SM Interactivity:
Social media & survey can work together too: Find an emotional insight in social media, then survey to get the details.
Customers information from social media profiles is pipeline full of information for to shape other marketing startegies.
Polls, contests, or pormotions are great ways to create customer/follower interaction and involvement. These are intergrated in diffrent formats depending on which social media is used, but social media would be the place for high interaction.
When listening people use emotion (emotional) when asking people use logic (logical).
This blog site used a promotional contest to win a signed draftee jersey of your choice. You have to submit a creative comment on their Facebook status about the contest which is framed in the blog's site. The person with the most "likes" wins. This creates comments and likes on a link that goes back to the sites blog. This will help the site rank higher. These little tricks are going to become exposed more in the future, as the importance of audience participation is more vauled.
Twitter users grew from 19.8 million in January of 2009 to 93.7 million by November of 2009.
Telephone books (another mainstay of traditional advertising) and landline phones are going the way of the dinosaur due to the explosive use of mobile phones and mobile apps.
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