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Anime Informative Speech

informative speech about anime and everything about it for about 6 minutes

Harvey Minano

on 29 October 2010

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Transcript of Anime Informative Speech

Click anywhere & add an idea What Is Anime? Anime basically is Japanese animation History of Anime Different Types of Anime Learning a New Language Anime as a Hobby Cards or Collectables By: Harvey Minano In Japan, anime is very prominent and is renowned all over the world Anime is broadcasted by television, DVD/video, and internet There are differences in American and Japanese Animation Japanese Anime are less conservative than American Cartoons
Different color hair to distinguish every person Started in the 20th century
During this time Japanese film makers were experimenting with some of the influences of the western culture of animation Some examples of this is Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse with the idea of their big eyes shown in Japanese anime Shoujo •Targets teenage females
•Protagonist is usually a teenage girl faced with idealized romance and/or a variety of problems
•Girls in this genre tend to be cuter and more distinguished
Shounen •Targets teenage males
•Usually filled with action-packed adventure
•Protagonist tends to be an underdog with huge potential Josei •“Woman” or anime geared toward adult women
•Stories tend to be about women’s everyday experiences involving family, motherhood, even high school
Seinen •“Man” or anime aimed at adult men
•Usually more graphic and tends to feature adult situations
Kodomomuke •Anime for children of both genders
•Plots teach moral values
•Generally have very cute little animals as protagonist
When starting out with a new language, i.e. Japanese, one would need to make comparisons and relating what is new to what you know The more you can hear, understand, and watch anime, the more connections you can make to your existing language and the more you can pick up certain words The real break though happens when you have made enough of these connections that you no longer have any need to consciously make them •One can collect figurines or cards as a hobby
• One can also learn from the anime how to play the card game, i.e. Yu-Gi-Oh
•One can also feel as though they are apart of the show when playing these games
Video Games •Video games are related to themes and animation
•Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are all animated with great artwork and themes such as love, betrayal, and saving the world
Anime Convention •An event or gathering with a primary focus on anime, manga, and Japanese culture.
•Some people use these to show case their costumes or cosplay which is costume role-playing
•Others go to these conventions to talk with people who share a common interest with them
And many others that appeal to all audiences...
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