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Writing Workshop: The Essential Guide

No description

Madeline Matthews

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Writing Workshop: The Essential Guide

Setting Up Your Writing Workshop Schedule, Time, Frequency
Space, location
Objectives of Writing Workshops Parts of the Workshop 1- The Mini-Lesson (5-10 minutes)
Procedure, the writer's process, qualities of good writing, or editing skills.
2-Share Time (10-20 minutes)
Student-student, student-teacher, whole class share
3-Writing Time (35-45 minutes)
What writing looks like

"Beware of having your students spend this time completing teacher-assigned writing projects."
Other Tips Other Language Fix vs. Enhance
Revision vs. Editing By Ralph Fletcher and JoAnn Portalupi Writing Workshop: The Essential Guide We want students to:
Become better, more proficient writers and critics
Develop better relationships and associations with writing.
Deepen the connection between reading and writing
Find themselves in an environment that promotes coexistence, not competition
Most of this comes down to "doing" not "saying." "Students who learn to write well truly have one of the most powerful tools imaginable. And it is something that nobody can take away from them."
-From Writing Workshop: The Essential Guide Position of the teacher
Have a place to turn in "finished work"
Encourage organization. Students can have their own folder of finished/revised pieces, and a folder of works in progress that they can keep coming back to.
-Don't stop after share time. Don't just make them go back and write.
-Connect each workshop. Don't start over every time.
-Find a way to--or some equivalent--to publish student work. Going public gives them motivation. Curriculum Connections Connect the workshop to literature.
Grading Ideas
Preparation for state-wide tests
Common Core Curriculum
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