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Unicorn Kingdom

No description

Jessica Perez

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Unicorn Kingdom

Adults 18-59 : $30.00
Seniors 60+ : $20.00
Kids 1-17 : $10.00
Veterans : $15.00

Food and Vendors
The Unicorn Kingdom is a theme park fully dedicated to unicorns. Including rides, tickets, foods, and e.t.c.

Magical Meat Burger with Glitter : $6.00
Magical Meat Salad with a sprinkle of glitter : $6.25
Rainbow Ice-cream : $2.50
Kids Meal-Junior Magical Meat Burger with Glitter, small side of fries and kids drink : $5.65
Kids Meal-5 Magical Meat Nuggets with small fries and kids drink : $4.50
Kids Meal-10 Magical Meat Nuggets with small fries and kids drink : $7.00

The Unitopia
Unicorn kingdom offers a incredibly large selection of gifts, souvenirs, shirts, and toys. It's also equipped with a Unibucks. The Unitopia also has soda and snacks for hungry costumers. The store also has a real live unicorn (two middle aged dudes with background checks). The Unitopia also has rare collectibles for the unicorn obsessed freaks.
Unicorn statue $29.99 +tax
Unicorn slippers $19.99+tax
Inflatable unicorn horn $9.99+tax
Pictures with a unicorn $5.99+tax
Unicorn portrait $9.99+ tax
Two people unicorn costume $59.99+tax
Assorted unicorn t shirts 19.99+tax
keep calm and love unicorn
unicorn farts
unicorn is love unicorn is life
and more.....
Unicorn Maze
Mon - Fri
12:00 pm - 12:00 am
Sat - Sun
10:00 am - 12:00 am
Unicorn Square

Unicorn Fries
Large : $2.00
Medium : $1.50
Small : $1.00
Magical Meat Soup : $3.50
Fruit Cup : $2.85
Drink : $1.50

= Structures
= Attractions
= Vendors
= Rides
Free Wi-Fi
Unicorn Path

Sparkle Vendors
Unicorn Cove
Unicorn entertainment center
Every theme park has a main attraction, for the Unicorn Kingdom it's the Unicorn Castle!!!!! Unicorn Castle is a castle that is sized as big as an acre. It has a beautiful courtyard (can be rented for weddings and parties). There is a throne room where King Unicornio rules with Queen Sombre. Also employees will wear realistic knight costume, stand guard, and also guide lost tourists. There will be rooms where employees will act like princes and princess's. There will be secret passages and ballrooms(that can be rented) where customers can explore.
Unicorn castle

In the sparkly vendors there is a stable. Not just any stable its a unicorn stable. The Unicorn stable has real unicorns. The unicorn's can be ridden for $15 dollars. You can buy a unicorn for $1 million dollars. The unicorn barn also has ambulances on standby. And these special unicorns can talk so while you are riding them you can have full on conversation with them.
Employee Uniforms
Unicorn Rapids Attraction

There is a special part of unicorn kingdom for little girls and boys called a water park. Everything is made out of rainbows (except costumers) rainbow rides, Rainbow employees(literally), and Rainbow concrete etc. The water park includes ride's such as the magical chute, The spiral unicorn, Unicorns fights flight and others. The magical chute is a really dark, big, and incredibly long ride. Inside different colored led lights will be placed in the chute making it feel like your in a rainbow then smaller lights making the the illusion your in space (epilepsy warning). The spiral unicorn is a rainbow massive and steep chute that will literally make you scream. If you don't audio devices will do it for you! Unicorn flight is a transparent one way slide that will take you through the park. All the rides at unicorn kingdom are cheap and designed to maintain the most massive thrill and safety.
Unicorn Barn: Attraction

The employee uniforms are unicorn based with the actual
theme park also vendors,food e.t.c. The uniforms are very casual in the terms of Unicorn Kingdom. The employee uniform is very much so fabulous. The uniforms are 100% rainbow with a little touch of unicorn!
Special: The Unicorn Bakery
Special: Acorn Jolly
Everyday during sunset there is a unicorn that is walked around on a leash and he is very friendly. His name is Acorn Jolly Legs. He is cuddly and friendly. The unicorn will let kids ride him. Acorn jolly will cost 10,000 dollars and relies on rainbows, which we will be selling for a million dollars.
Unicorn bakery offers a lot of options such as rainbow poop cookies,Rainbow birthday cakes,cake pops, And and cupcakes (all FDA and health inspector approved). Unicorn bakery has a team of master confectioners.
So that is our theme park. We really hope you liked it and I hope we have convinced you to buy our theme park. Why wouldn't you? I mean what other theme park has real unicorns? Nobody, and that is why you should buy the Unicorn Kingdom and we are also fabulous!
The Unicorn Maze Attraction
The unicorn maze is a ride for
all people,all are welcome. Basically you ride on a unicorn in the maze till you find you're way out. This is one of our top rides that we have here at the Unicorn Kingdom. You must be at least 5 feet tall to ride a unicorn and over the age of 10 years of age.
Unicorn Rapids
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