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Student Growth Objectives

No description

James Parry

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Student Growth Objectives

Foundation Step 1 Step 4:Track Progress Links Determine Students' Starting Points Student Growth Objective (SGO) Choose or develop a quality assessment aligned to NJCCCS or CCSS
*Must be aligned to standards
* Can be individual or department-wide
* Must be rigorous and capture "true mastery" Student Growth Objectives * Use data from step 2 to set measurable goals.
* Define attainment levels for your SGOs
* Complete the appropriate SGO form and have evaluator (principal) approve it. * Frequently monitor your student's progress
towards the goals you have set for them.
* Modify your instruction as needed.
* Use the Mid-course Check in form. http://www.state.nj.us/education/AchieveNJ/teacher/objectives.shtml

** All forms seen here are available in our staff share in the folder named SGOs 2013-2014 Student Growth Percentile (SGP) A Student Growth Objective is a long-term academic goal that teachers set for groups of students and must be:
Specific and measurable
Aligned to New Jersey’s curriculum standards
Based on available prior student learning data
A measure of what a student has learned between two points in time
Ambitious and achievable Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs) will be one of the multiple measures used to assess teachers and principals whose students are in grades 4–8 and take the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge “NJ ASK” test. An SGP score compares a student’s academic growth on the NJ ASK from one year to the next to the growth made by that student’s academic peers (students from around the state with similar test score histories). Possible Sources of Baseline Data (all do not need to be used)
Current Year
• Results from beginning of course pre-assessment
• Results from first interim assessment
• Results from components of course work assigned in the first few weeks
Prior Year
• Results from prior course tests that assess knowledge and skills that are pre-requisite to the current subject/grade (may be in a different subject, if relevant)
• Results from relevant standardized tests Step 2 Set ambitious and achievable SGOs Step 5: Review Results * Administer the post-assessment
* Collect student performance data
* Review results and score with principal/supervisor.
* Discuss next steps for setting SGOs for following year based on results.
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