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HUP087N Approaches to Research

No description

Trevor Norris

on 10 February 2012

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Transcript of HUP087N Approaches to Research

HUP087N Approaches to Research

Trevor Norris
TM1-57, 020 7133 4068
t.norris@londonmet.ac.uk Course content

Skills to do with undertaking the extended work needed for research - time management, planning, scoping the task.

Search and retrieval skills - how to use libraries, archives, electronic databases and the internet, and how to track down materials.

Domain knowledge — an appreciation of where a topic fits into the broader canvas of available literature, an appreciation of social, literary and historical contexts, an understanding of critical and cultural theory.

Professional skills - presenting at conferences.

© English Subject Centre, S. Williams (2003) Assessment pattern

Week 6 - Proposal for Research (10%)
Week 9 - Literature Review (25%)
Week 12 - Detailed Abstract (25%)
Week 15 - Oral Presentation (40%)

Details on weblearn - please read.
Please email TN if you have access problems. Group discussion

Personal aims for MA or dissertation?

Reflection on research:
What piece of work are you most proud of and why?
How was this an example of good research practice?
What is the purpose of research?
What does it involve?
What are the criteria for validity of research and publication? Weeks 2 & 3

Practice using Zotero. Download and create an account

Zotero is a Firefox plug-in

Meet on Fri 17th at 2pm in the ILRC (library) 2nd floor training room

Meet on Fri 24th at 2pm by the British Library main foyer Information desk Preparation for research proposal

Problematise your topic:
Devise hypotheses about topic & propose conclusions!
Be polemical. Imagine criticism of your proposal. Respond & edit!

Establish context for topic:
Topicality, relevance? Justify your choice!
Survey current discussion of field. How?
Research brief history of field. What are the seminal works/ideas?
Consider original aspects of your research!
What might your discussion contribute?

Theoretical reflection

Identify underlying concepts.
Reflect on your critical commitments!
Initial review of critical literature
Identify key terms/concepts
How does your work engage with existing critical debate?
Preparation for research proposal II

Availability of material

Identify libraries, archives, online sources.
Consult bibliographical databases (e.g. MLA).
Join SCONUL -http://www.sconul.ac.uk/
Join British Library - http://www.bl.uk/
Attend library training sessions in weeks 2 & 3.

Read assessment document on weblearn.
Look at example of research proposal.

Ask your course leader if you are uncertain. Brief review of syllabus
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