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No description

Julie Wagenblast

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of TEEN PROGRAMS


Last Years Challenges and Solutions
Middle School
High School
Staff Expectations and Employer/Employee relationships

Teen Dept. Overview
Our Staff:
7 staffers,
1 new staff, 6 returning
2 Hispanic Outreach Facilitators (East & West of Summit)
Diversified Staff representing African-American, Hispanic, and Caucasian populations

10 Programs, Fall I and II
Teen Center: M-F, 3-6pm and
Teen Center Open House in Sept.
7GI and MS Teen Nights

Who We Serve
Teen Center & Achievers = African-American and a growing Hispanic Population
7GI, Leader's Club, VolunTEENS = Hispanic and Caucasian Population
2016: Mainly High School Teens, grades 9-12th
Why they say they come:
African-Americans Teens find the Y to be their "Safe Haven"
Summit not teen friendly
For our staff
3. Fun activities/place to hang out
Last Years Challenges
Gaining a Middle School Audience
Middle School Yoga
Shark Tank: Middle School Edition
Jr. Leader's Club (LCJMS)
Girl Focus Workshops
Basketball Skills & Drills
Diversifying and Improving
our High School Offerings
School-year Volunteens
Achievers changes
More appealing teen center activities
Working with SHS to advertise programs
Offering new programs including:
High School Yoga
AMP Fitness
Efforts to retain LIT/Volunteen population in fall
Exploring ways w/staff to maintain teen population over summer

Staff Expectations and Improving Employee- Employer Relations
Open Door Policy
Marketing/Communicating Our Programs
Instagram: forming a Social Media Group (moovly app)
Back to School Nights @ LCJMS
Goal: 25+ MS in programs by Dec. 16
Goals (By December 16):
Achievers: 30 students
Teen Center: 15-200 students daily
Other programs: 40 students total (across all programs)

Developed Google Drive to share staff info.
Monthly staff meetings
Program Proposals
More frequent check-ins
2 Day Staff Training in Summer
Revised Staff Schedule
Staff Recognition in development
Lacked a Robust Middle School Audience, other than 7GI
High School Participation in Programs outside of Achievers & Teen Center and Take Part Low
Marketing/Communicating Programs
Staff Expectations and Employer/Employee relationships
Re-imagining Teen Center
Hosting Teen Center Open House Dates
Partnering with LCJMS
Offering a TON of new middle school programs including:
Teen Dept. Overview and Goals
Who We Serve
Program Focuses
Program Focuses
1. Community Service/ Volunteering
2. Career/College Prep
4. Leadership Development
Achievers: 30 by Dec. 2016, 25 on each college tour
All Other Programs: 40 students total
Volunteens: 10+ school year volunteers
Teen Center: 15-20 daily by Dec. 16
8-10 programs @ YMCA each season
1-2 outreach programs per season
3-4 partnerships per season
1 volunteer opportunity per month
2 Hispanic Outreach Facilitators
Hispanic Open House in Oct/Nov
Continuing to work with SHS to host programs in School
Looking to host programs at: Springfield Library, Long Hill Library, Springfield Rec. Center
Partnering with Key Club at SHS for Volunteer Opps.
More volunteer opportunities in community throughout the year
Staff marketing M &F
Giving staff larger role in marketing programs
Circulating flyers in MS/HS
Remind App.

Teen/Volunteer Recognition
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