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Chunk, Chew, Check

No description

Marsha Osburn

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Chunk, Chew, Check

Chunk, Chew, Check
Examples of Chunks
The "chunk" part of the lesson is the information that the teacher provides for
the students. This could be in a variety
of formats.
Research has shown that even adult brains accept new information more efficiently in small chunks. Here are some guidelines:

5-7 minute chunk of direct instruction for K-2

8-12 minute chunk of direct instruction for grades 3-6

10 -14 minute chunk of direct instruction for grades 7-12
Small chunks please!
After each chunk, students should have time to "chew" or process or digest the newly acquired information. Like chunks, the chews can take on a wide array of appearances. See handouts for strategies!
The "check" is the most exciting and creative part! Students are given choice in how they demonstrate their levels of understanding of the material from the day or lesson.
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