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College Writing Review 12/3/15

No description

Liz Rathburn

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of College Writing Review 12/3/15

Lost in the City
Orange Line to Ballston
Main Characters: Marvella "Velle" Watkins
Marvin, age 9
Marcus, age 7
Avis, age 4
Dreadlock Man "Electric Slide"

The Night Rhonda Ferguson Got Shot
Cassandra is a girl who acts tough on the outside but in reality, is a girl who feels lost in the world thus must put up a hard exterior. Rhonda, Cassandra's friend, was a rising star in the neighborhood. Her family cared about Cassandra dearly. Tragically, Rhonda was shot and killed by the father of her child.
Main Characters

Cassandra- Rebellious young girl. Lives with her sister and brother-in-law sometimes. Rhonda's best friend
Rhonda: Up and coming musician. Her family would often give Cassandra a place to stay. Was killed the same day she was supposed to sign a contract
Melanie: Related to Casandra's brother in law. Love-sick and naive. Cassandra has a fight with her the night she delivers a box to Glady's father.
Anita: Casandra can relate to her the best. Took Cassandra when they found out Rhonda was shot.
Gladys: Parents have separated. Cassandra agrees to deliver boxes to her father.
by Liz, Maisha, and Laura
College Writing Review 12/3/15
"My granny says there ain't no good men left in the world." -Marcus
"It wouldn't be a good thing for the world."- DM
"She didn't like to make scenes around white people. Nothing good ever happened between black people and their children."
THEMES: Loss of family, insecurity, fear, and Escapism.

Even Rhonda, who showed so much promise, could not escape the hands of fate.

Marvella used the Dred Lock Man as form of escapism.
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