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Pamela Green

on 6 August 2017

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Transcript of Measurement

Metrics and Measurement
SI Units
*International System of Units
*Used by all but 2 countries
*Use prefixes
*Based on units of 10
*Standards - exact quantities that people
agreed upon for comparison
*always represented with a number and a unit
Two Systems
English - measurement system we use
odd equivalents
Metric - what every one else uses!
no fractions
based on multiples of 10
easy to convert
volume = gallon
mass = pound
length = foot
volume = liter
mass = gram
length = meters
kilo = 1000
hecta = 100
deca = 10
base unit = 1
deci = 1/10
centi = 1/100
milli 1/1000
multiply by 10 (move decimal this way)
divide by 10 (move decimal this way)
King Henry's Daughters, Mary, Gertrude, and Lilly, Don't Court Men!
Vocab Stuff!
length - distance between two points
volume - how much space something occupies
- formula for rectangle: Volume = length x width x height
mass - how much matter is in an object
density - mass per unit of volume
- formula: Density = mass
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