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Utopian Community Project

Utopian Community Project for Language Arts. Jan 25th.

Haley C

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Utopian Community Project

Perfectopia Government Laws Government Over all the government over sees all the laws trying to be passed,
but the Utopian's make the laws. Sometimes depending on the law they can pass them, themselves. The laws are enforced strongly in Perfectopia, they are required to be followed to make the society a peaceful place. They are re-enforced by the watch team to make sure all rules are followed. To re-insure Utopian's Perfectopia is a safe place to live. If one where to break the law then they first shall be punished, then if broken again banned from the community all together. If that person tries to come back to Perfectopia, then they will be thrown in the prison. Perfectopia is a decomarcy community. Even though the government gets to pass the laws the Utopian's also get a say so, therefore it is fair for the right laws to be passed. Without being questioned, the rights of the goverment should not be broken and their rights are the same as the Utopian's. Education All Utopian's are required to have some form of education, school's will be taught both at home or at school. You have the choice for having all core subjects, but all Utopian's need to take at least one core subject in their school years. All need to be taken within the years at school but not necessarily all in one year. Education will serve Perfectopia if all students complete all 12+ years of school. It will help them get a job and be successful which will rub off on the community. If one did not complete all 12+ years it would encourage them to go back to school. School is required, for all Utopian's and they need at least 9 years of education to get a job in Perfectopia, they need 12+ years to get a successful job. The Perfectopia schools will be different from other schools by not being required to take all core subjects all in one year and have the choice of what class(es) they wish to take all in elem, middle, high school and college. 1.) Must follow rules.
2.) All must participate in law making if over the age of 15+.
3.) All that don't follow rules are punished and then later banned.
4.) Pets allowed.
5.) No Violence
6.) Smoke-Free Society.
7.) Must have some form of education.
8.) Jobs are required.
9.) Be polite.
10.) Enjoy your life in Perfectopia. Family Families in Perfectopia are neither matrichal or patriarchal. Both parents have equal rights in the family and the decisions made within the laws. Each family does not have to have a child, they can make that decision based on what they both want. There is not a limit to how many children they can have, but their is a limit when they can not afford to take care of their children anymore. Each family does not live in the same dwelling, if they have large families. For example, if there is a family with 2 parents, 3 children, a grandmother and grandfather, they won't have to live in the same dwelling. If the family only has one child the grandparents will share the same house. But if the family has no children they will not have to share a home, do to the chance of them wanting children one day Housing The housing depends on how big the family is. In Perfectopia their are townhouses and houses. If a family has no children then they are allowed apartments, only in that situation. Otherwise families either live in houses or townhouses. Which makes them not eligible to own an apartment. Every Utopian living in Perfectopia will have a home to stay in, so no one is homeless. All the houses are the same but just designed a certain way. Their outside features are not the same either, so it makes Perfectopia more colorful and a joyful place to stay. Employment Doctor- Prescribes medicine for the ill and gives check ups. Utopian's that have graduated all grades and went to college. After they complete Utopian college they are chosen on a special skill level. People are trained at Utopian college. Workers must wear scrubs unless they are the doctor. Who wears a white coat!
Lawyer- Defenses victim or suspect in any type of case. People chosen for the job needs to have to have finished high school and gone to college. Depending on their expert level on first time being a lawyer to experienced, is the thought given to which case is given to that lawyer. Utopian's chosen to be a lawyer are taught at college. The proper attire for lawyers are suit and tie for men and comfortable nice shirt and nice long pants for ladies. Employment Veterinarian- Takes care of sick animals. Needs to have graduated college. Utopian's are chosen for the job by their experience level and based on their former resume. Utopian's are trained for this job at college and on-site learning, to get a more visual of what they will be taking care of. Veterinarians and where scrubs as well as white coats.

Restaurant Worker- Restaurant workers, waits on the tables. To be able to work at a restaurant in Perfectopia you have to have at least 10+ of school. Utopians chosen for the work opportunity, depends on their experience in the business and what there skills and education are. People trained for the job are trained by there boss, ahead of time before they start working. They wear the specific uniform chosen for the type of restaurant they are applying for a job at.

Teacher- A teacher teaches one or more subject(s) in either Elem. Middle. or High school. To become a teacher you need to have finished high school and completed high school years. People are chosen for they job based on there resume, and what degree they have. For example if someone applys for a teaching job and has a master's degree they will have a better chance of getting accepted. People are trained for the job at college and can be trained during there senior year. They can wear what ever is comfortable but it needs to make the requirements of school code and looking like a teacher! Money In Perfectopia there is a money system. The coins would have important older Utopians heads on them who made a major impact on the community. The paper money would have the creator of Perfectopia on them. Which that would happen to be me, the money including $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. The money would be called a banknote, the paper money would be called a banknote because the money can be transmitted to the bank into a savings account to pay for school and house loans as well. Transportation The transportation to get around Perfectopia are bus, flying train,s bikes, and walking. There are no cars because their will be a less chance of global warming with buses, trains, and cars. Which will help Perfectopia stay a clean and safe and good place to live. Environment/Climate In Perfectopia they climate is very warm, but not to hot in the summer it can get up to 82 degrees. In the winter it gets up to 20 degrees and it often snows too. Perfectopia is both Tropical and Arctic, depending on the season, so they seasons do change through out the year. There are Pets in the community but not wild animals, all animal pets are welcomed in the community. The reason why wild animals are not in Perfectopia is because it could be a problem where a wild animal gets into the community and could possibly harm the residents that live in Perfectopia. It also helps with less damage to properties that a wild animal could get too. Recreation The amount of time Utopians spend on recreation is when every they have free time, there is no limit. Utopian's do anything they like sports, drawing, clubs, activites, hanging with firends. If there idea for fun is working all day they can, it is up to them of what they want to do with their free time. The goverment does not control what they do on their free time, however if it becomes illegal then they goverment obviously does take action. There is no diffrence to how we spend our time in my community now to the Utopian community. Technology Utopians live just a simpile life, just like our world right now. If they want to be technologically smart then they are and can teach other how to be. Maybe one day that will mean something to everyone in Perfectopia. Color symbols Blue- The color blue symoblizes youth, spirituality, truth and peace.
Green- The color green symoblizes well being, life, nature, and fertility.
Pink- The color pink symbolizes love and beauty.
Grey- The color grey symbolizes sorrow, security, and maturity.
Purple- This color purple symbolizes royalty, magic and mystery.
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