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Meta Comprehension Strategy Index

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jessica guillen

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of Meta Comprehension Strategy Index

Meta Comprehension Strategy Index
Why We Use It
This assessment is relatively quick and easy to give. Its a good tool to quickly assess challenge areas or to use in progress monitoring over time.
Instructional Strategies
Pre reading- Guided instruction to activate prior knowledge, use text clues, pictures, and sub headings to make predictions
During reading-Check predictions, link prior knowledge, re-read to check comprehension
After reading-Check accuracy of predictions and ask questions to check comprehension and review main points. The instructor can also use graphic organizers, concept maps and story lines to support learning.
What is it?
Meta comprehension is what the student understands about what they comprehend. It is what the student is confident that they know.
The Assessment
The Meta Comprehension Index is a informal assessment that is broken up into three sections. The test asks in the first section what the student can do to improve their understanding before they read. The second set of questions ask what they can do to improve understanding during reading and in the last section it asks what the students can do to improve comprehension after.
Score it
The test is scored in sections and as a whole on a percentage scale out of 100. there are 10 questions in the first two sections and 5 in the last part.
What does it mean
Based on the 100% rating, score if a student scores less then 70 its pretty safe to deduct that this area is a challenge area. Based on this data and the section of the assessment that showed the greatest deficit, the instructor can modify instruction. The instructor can also compare scores over time to track progress and outcomes.
It is a questionnaire style assessment.
The test is multiple choice and the students can select from four choices.
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