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IE - Modelos de Innovación abierta en el sector telco: la experiencia de Telefónica

Instituto de Empresa – December 16th

BlueVia Telefonica

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of IE - Modelos de Innovación abierta en el sector telco: la experiencia de Telefónica

Jornada Movilforum 2011 What's new and why are we here today? Why is so important the open innovation?? Wikinomics: beyond the I+D Goldcorp - 1999 from 100 ME to 9,000 What does this mean for a telco? Our history What's going now!!?? http://bit.ly/aggEDi
(free download) 53 countries
80% developing apps during the last 12 months Devs priorities Platform concurrency: 2,8 platforms for developer Market share 75% Monetization
opportunities 54% Mindshare Migration Commercial pragmatism: Technical features are irrelevant; the platform choice is based on the market share No more 'fanboys' Therefore the future... It's not about us, but developers!!! Exposing our telco capacities in an easy way so that developers can utilize them into their SW development With the main objective of converting code in money Beyond traditional Business Models:
Suscriptions Because "Complexity kills..." Minimal financial risk:
no programme fees
use of APIs is paid for by end consumer Low friction:
providing a clear & smooth
path to market   Broader than just mobile app development, it encompasses web services and broader innovation too Employing web standards like oAuth and REST Special key called OAuth token But overall:

Easy access to Telefonica assets like network tools, partnerships, systems and 270 million customers Thanks! @josevalles49 http://es.linkedin.com/in/joseavalles
josealberto.vallesnunez@telefonica.es Change is the answer!! @leevyashim
@bluevia questions..?
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