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Khristopher Andalon

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

IBM Do you think IBM’s advertising campaigns changed too often over the past 11 years? How have the objectives of IBM’s advertising changed over the years? Discussion Question What Makes You Special? 2006 The Other IBM 2005 Help Desk II 2005 ON Demand 2004 Condernauts 2001 e-Culture 1999 What are the pros and cons of staying with the e-business campaign? Discussion Question What is the primary objective of IBM’s advertising? Discussion Question First step towards creating a brand identity.
” A provider of solutions” became IBM’s new primary focus

Objective: To communicate the message that IBM delivers solutions that are simple yet powerful enough to manage information anywhere, anytime, and for anyone.

Targeted “C-level” executives Solutions For A Small Planet 1997 New and innovative competitive companies
Who were some of IBM’s main competitors?

IBM had fallen behind in technology and lost touch with its customers needs

What were IBM’s weaknesses?
Downfall of IBM During 1970 & 80’s IBM became Worldwide success

Nickname “Big Blue”

Fortune’s magazine listed IBM the most admired company in the U.S. for four consecutive years.
International Business Machine Presented By:
Khristopher Andalon & Jamie Worst Brand Equity Restoration
Advertising Evolution Gizmos 2002 Objective: To position itself as the most comprehensive provider of end-to-end solutions for e-business

Targeted businesses E-Business 1998 Effectively communicated
the importance of technology to all
IBM was…
Provider of solutions
Imaged itself as a business consultant
Wall Street Journal and The New York Times manifesto
IBM understood Business Results Lou Gerstner
Envisioned a three-legged company
IBM would focus on Software, Hardware, and consulting services
Consolidated al 40 agency to project one image.

“It was a massive consolidation job of a very complex brand in a very complex category. The challenge for Ogilvy was to take a brand with heritage from the past and bring it to the present: taking what was good and truthful, and infusing it with a modern voice.

We have taken a very complex topic in an environment of constant change, in which the products evolve but are not quite "new" - products you can't show and often can't demonstrate. Our challenge has been to keep the IBM brand fresh, interesting and topical - because at the end of the day what you're selling is trust.” -Gerstner
Solutions for IBM Lou Gerstner - New CEO
given the task of turning the company around.
pre -Lou
Company had 40 different agencies around the globe
Deciding if the company should break up into several smaller companies to compete with the market
Creating a New Beginning 1993
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