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Technofied Abstract Art Lesson Plan:

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breanna harwood

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Technofied Abstract Art Lesson Plan:

500 word Narrative:
Tutorial on "Brushes" app. :
I will still implement an introductory section of this activity to create a smooth transition into the activity. I will present the information about color stories and abstract art to my students through the creation a prezi. The prezi will contain different types of multimedia, such as YouTube videos and digital images. When demonstrating the art lesson, I will record a YouTube video to present to the class how to do the lesson.

This new technofied lesson will be more interactive for the students and will give them the capability to completely do away with mistakes. I will create a video that is a screenshot of my iPad that demonstrates how to use the app “Brushes.” After showing my class the demonstration video, I will demonstrate the lesson to them from the app Brushes and will guide them through the first steps of accessing the app on their own iPad and getting started on overlapping letters.

After the students have completed their abstract art master pieces on their iPad on the app “Brushes” the students will be asked to pull up the book Karin’s Colorful Moon Story. Students will be asked to follow along from their iPads as they take turns to read aloud. Students will be asked to create a small brainstorm on Prezi that represents their color story selection choices. Once the Prezi is complete students will be asked to continue working on their abstract art from the app “Brushes.” When students are finished they will be asked to quietly search on their iPads a local piece of abstract and add this final component of information to their to their Prezis. students need to include the artworks name and location.
Student’s abstract art will be turned into a slideshow using photo bucket, and will be presented to the class. Students will present their Prezi to the class as well as their artwork on the overhead projectors.
• This lesson after being technofied could extend to 3rd to 4th grade depending on how complex you want to make the material. I think the way my technofied lesson is currently laid out would be most suitable for students in 4th grade.

500 word narrative:
Image by Tom Mooring
Technofied version of Lesson Plan:
Technofied Abstract Art Lesson Plan:
Example of artwork:
Example of artwork:
Retrieved from:
IPads in the classroom will make a world of difference when it comes to saving time and creating avenues for creativity in the classroom. Sharing things will become easier and more time efficient and one of the painstaking things about doing art by hand will be taken away because students have the ability to hit the undo button. Using the iPad to carry out this art lesson is ingenious because students have the ability to simply pull what they have been working on up on their screens without all the mess of art supplies. Not to mention the time it will save on trying to distribute all the necessary materials it would take if you were trying to carry out this lesson the traditional way. The goal of this assignment was to take a completely traditional lesson plan and turn it technology based, I think I have achieved this. In doing this lesson I gained a better perspective on how much technology can influence art in a good way. There is often times disconnect between art and technology. I believe that the use of the IPad and the app “Brushes” would be a truly affective and appropriate way to make this art lesson technofied! The technology being used in this lesson plan reflects the current instructional technology, because the use of IPads within elementary classrooms is a new experimental thing that is being proven to work well in great strides. Instead of using the same old PowerPoint presentations, prezi presentations are being used which are innovative and more interesting than a simple PowerPoint not to mention more fun to create. This lesson also harbors the use of an app known as “Brushes” which helps tie the entire lesson plan together. The app has many textures and colors by which to create art. The application of this technology creates learning advantages that are impossible with traditional techniques because artwork that is created on the app “Brushes” can be easily duplicated and shared. Students don’t have to spend a pain staking amount of time trying to erase unwanted marks, instead they have the ability to hit an undo button and easily modify their work. The ability to easily modify artwork creates better efficiency when doing artwork with students. I believe that students will be more engaged in the lesson plan compared to if it was taught the traditional way. Students would be drawn in by the use of the Ipad and art infusion through this lesson plan. I believe that the application of this technology would better motivate the students, because it is a fun exciting twist on the traditional way of creating art.
Original lesson plan:
Start off with an introduction to what abstract art is. Explain the definition of abstract, how it came to be, and some information about creating a color story. I will demonstrate to the student how they are to create their own abstract art.

Next, the lesson plan involves students creating their own abstract art master pieces. Students will use crayons to overlap large block letters that spell out their name on top of one another, until they can no longer recognize the letters.

Students will be asked to come up with a color story which will be a well thought out concept of colors for their abstract art master pieces. Students are asked to stay away from picking just one color. To get the creativity following a book about colors will be read to the students.
Student’s abstract art will be turned in after being completed and students will be assigned homework where they will have to find a piece of abstract art around town. The next day in class presentation of the finding and art work will be had.

Lesson Plan Rubric:
Possible pre-lesson before application of art lesson:
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