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Business Intelligence

No description

Logan Rice

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Business Intelligence

Create custom Variables
Business Intelligence
Creating Reports, Variables and Graphs
Creating Custom Reports
Did you ever need to use infoview to gather information?
Could you find what you were looking for? If yes, that's Great! Use standard reports as much as possible!! They will save you time. If you answered No, maybe a custom report is just what you needed.
Using infoview, learn how to create custom reports, utilize the query panel, create graphs and custom variables using functions and conditional statements.
Creating Reports
Once you save your report you typically can not go back to the query panel
Make sure you have all the data from the universe
Brain Storm
What Do We Know so far?
Sketch what it might look like.
Let's Use a make believe scenario
We need to know how much we are delivering
We need to know what days reach above 34,000 cases
How to Find a Universe
How to Create a Report
Right Click On Chart:
How to create custom variables
Drag new field into table.
Find the Sweet spot!!
Advanced Variables
Right click Variables
Drag "week" into table
Modifying Graphs
Open Orders that have not been scheduled
Might have days in Past
Right click Chart
Only Data for the Current Week Shown
Add Goal or Target line to Graph
Right click -
new variable
= 34000
Right click Chart
Select Capacity Caution
add new chart data
Right click Graph
Select more transformation
The layer between the actual databases and the user reports.
What is a Universe?
Infoview Main Page
Click Applications
Click Web Intelligence Application icon
Click new document icon
Select Universe
Here is my example....
Can anyone read this chicken scratch?
From the Documents Tab, how would we open the Web Intelligence Application tab?
a.) Click Preferences
b.) Click Home tab
c.) Click Applications drop down menu
d.) None of the above
Great Job! Time for a quiz.
Main Screen
Select Applications
Click New Document Icon
Double Click Universe
Select a Universe
*Hint: ECC for current SAP ,
DV for DV System
Click Select
How to access data with "Universes'"
Sketch your idea.
Use Query Panel
Great Job! Time for a quiz.
Data available in Universe
Use the mouse to drag "Objects" here
Measures and Dimensions...
Measures and Dimensions
Measure Examples
Dimension Examples
Project Based Learning Approach
Corporate Databases i.e. SAP
Steps to Universes
Documents Tab
Steps to create a Report
Select data from Universe
Make a basic Graph
Use the mouse to drag the "Open Qty" object
Select Greater than
Type or enter 0
Select Run Query
Query Panel
Data Table
Dimension and measure we selected
Use this tab to view objects
Select "Data Access" tab
Use your mouse to drag
the table down to create space
for our graph.
Select Report
Element Tab
Select Graph drop down
and click "Column"
Place Graph on Report
Select "Assign Data..."
Click "OK"
Our max capacity is 34,000 cases a day
Worlds Greatest Boss
Graph with Data!
Open Order Quantity
Delivery Date by Day
Quiz # 2
GL, Product Number, Time, Customer, Location, Supplier are examples of:
a.) Measures
b.) Perspective
c.) Queries
d.) Dimensions
Great Job! Time for a quiz.
Quiz # 2
Great Job! Time for a quiz.
You can assign data to a graph by 1st right clicking on the graph?
a.) True
b.) False
Saving Your Work
Your My Favorites Directory
Scheduled Open Orders Current Week
You should see reports you have saved here.
Click Save
Click Save
Create Variables
Steps to create variables
Right Click "Variables"
Expand "Date & Time"
Double Click "DayNumberOfWeek"
Click "OK"
Type or use mouse to enter "[Delivery Date]" into formula
Our new variable
Day Of Week
i.e. 11/18/13 is a
Monday "1" day of week
Type Functions
Click "OK"
Let's change "Week". Right click and select edit.
Change Name to "Current Week Flag"
Change Formula
Click "OK"
Current Week Flag now shows "True" if date is in the current week
Quiz #4
Great Job! Time for a quiz.
Quiz #4
Great Job! Time for a quiz.
Quiz #4
A _________ is a predetermined formula.
a.) Object
b.) Operator
c.) Function
d.) Type
Great Job! Time for a quiz.
Selecting the tab on the left will allow you to view the available objects (Dimensions & Measures) in the report.
a.) True
b.) False
Quiz #3
Quiz #4
Filter Graph
Quiz #1
Quiz #2
Select Filter and Add Filter
Select Add Filter
Select Current Week Flag
Click "OK"
In List
Highlight True
Click ">" button
Select "OK"
Right Click Variables
Select New
Type "Capacity Caution"
Select Measure
Click "OK"
Select "Edit" or "Assign Data"
Click "OK"
Select "Turn Into"
Select "Combined Column and Line Chart"
Click "OK"
Select Graph Icon and Choose "Flashy Style"
Select "Web Intelligence Application"
If you need to go back to Query Panel click "Edit"
Hover over table with mouse. once you see the cross with arrows click the graph and drag.
Select "New Variable"
If you work overtime you will get paid time and a half.
If we win the Lottery then we don't need to work overtime
Conditional Statements or "If" statements
2 Parts
"If this happens"
"Then do this"
This is how we can use an "if" statement
English Version: "If the delivery date occurs this week then display "True".
Infoview Version:
week( )
If this happens
Then do this
week( )
[Delivery Date}
What Did you Learn?
Worlds Greatest Boss
How to access data with "Universes'"
Creating Reports
Create custom Variables
That's Great!
Create a capacity planning tool. Instead of cases show the hours of work.
Modify the Graph so it looks like this
Create a new Variable called "Hours".
Make it a "Measure"
formula should be =[Open Qty] / 5000
Turn the Graph into a "Combined Column and Line Chart with Dual Value Axes"
Add "Hours"to Value Axis 2"
Use Functions
Add variables to table
Conditional Statements
Add Data to Graph
Turn into another type of graph
Change graph style
Steps to Modify Graphs
These busy days seem to sneak up on us. If only there was a way to see our delivery schedule in advance.
Find out if there are any busy days coming up so we can better prepare.
Quiz # 1
To create a report, what data source do we select?
a.) No data source
b.) Universe
c.) Bex
d.) Analysis View
Quiz # 1
You can right click a variable in the available objects pane to edit and make changes.
a.) True
b.) False
Which function gives us a week number from a date?
a.) Currentdate()
b.) Currentweek()
c.) week()
d.) Date()
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