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1.2 Unit 16: Exercise for Specific Groups: The provision for exercise

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Ryan Farrow

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of 1.2 Unit 16: Exercise for Specific Groups: The provision for exercise

- List as many specific groups as you can remember
Checking for learning
Checking for Learning
Provision for sport
Unit 16 - Exercise for Specific Groups: The provision for exercise for specific groups.
Activity 1
- What two types of specific groups are there?
Those who are in a specific stage in life
Those who have medical conditions
- Why is it important for government to spend money on PA now ?
Save money in the future on medical expenses
Be able to label each specific group
Learning Outcomes
Examine the provision for exercise
Poster Collaboration
From the posters that you created last lesson on your specific group. You are now required to make a collation of everybody's specific group.
Specific Groups
Children & Young People
Chronological Age =
Biological Age =
Disabled people
May be disabled in one of the following ways:
Wheelchair bound
Hearing impaired
Learning impaired
Physically impaired
Visually impaired

Antenatal Woman
Refereed Clients
-Healthcare professional

Asked to do some exercise by:

Older Adults
Age :50 +
Everyone is different
Some may age quicker than others
Local Authority Classes
Age in years and months
Stage of development and maturity

The main consideration for training young people are their
bone and muscle
Develop at different rates throughout this age range

Boys can be
Girls may be

Time of rapid physiological change for the female.
Essential to consider not only the female but the baby when training
Need to carefully consider appropriate exercises for pregnant women

Why might a mother want to exercise again after giving birth?
body may have changed due to pregnancy
damage to many structures of the body
Caesarean will affect movement for a period of time

Can exercise following six-week check-up
May want to rid of baby weight

Lots of reasons for referral
(E.g.) Obesity
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