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XS Energy Drink

No description

Emily Nixon

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of XS Energy Drink

XS Energy Drink
Manufacturing and Distribution
XS Energy is manufactured by Logic Nutrition. There are 5 main steps in manufacturing a soft drink/energy drink.
1. Treating Water
2. Compounding Ingredients
3. Carbonating Product
4. Filling Product
5. Packaging
Treating Water
Water must be treated and cleaned. This is critical for high product quality.
Compounding Ingredients
Ingredients including sugars, flavorings, food coloring, etc. are added at this stage
Carbonating Product
Carbon Dioxide is injected into the product. It must be free of particles and microorganisms.
Filling Product
The filling room is located separately to avoid contamination of product. Cans are filled with the energy drink using machines so particles do not contaminate it.
This is the final stage prior to warehousing and delivery. Cans enter the packaging machinery to be wrapped with cardboard or plastic trays/shells. After this they are moved and stored.
After the drink is moved to the warehouse it must be distributed. Amway is the main distributor of XS Energy. There are two main ways Amway distributes products
Amway Business Owners
Amway business owners (ABOs) are individuals who sign up, typically by referral, to sell Amway products. Many people believe the ABO hierarchy is unethical.
Ethical Issues
Many people believe the ABO system is an illegal pyramid scheme. Amway is set up in a pyramid shape, as are many companies, governments, etc.
Amway's Multilevel Network Marketing Pyramid
Upper Level Distributors
Middle Level Distributors
Newest Distributors
Soft Drink Manufacturing: A Flow Chart
Amway was founded on the four principles of Freedom, Family, Hope and Reward which it still values today. Amway sells its products online and through multilevel marketing, which many people misunderstand to be a Ponzi scheme (or pyramid scheme).
Media (Particle) Filters: used as a pretreatment to reduce suspended solids in the water
Carbon Tower Filters:
removes odors, chlorine, etc. through adsorption
Reverse Osmosis Systems:
remove viruses, bacteria, etc
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