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Elizabethan Royal Navy

No description

Nicholas Beauparlant

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Elizabethan Royal Navy

The Royal Navy had brought upon an era of military genius.
This presentation will show you the beginning of one of the strongest navy in history
The 3 topics of the speach isw the purpose of the navy, The captains of the Navy & the weapons of the Royal Navy today.
The Elizabethan Royal Navy
The Purpose of the Navy
England's navy was always a huge power in the ocean and was essential when England was at war with Scotland and Ireland.
England's navy had conquered Scotland and defended it from pirates, rebels & the Irish.
The navy was a big part in the hundred year war & is often overlooked.
No matter how important the navy was it was always left to rot every time a new king/queen was chosen.
The only time that someone kept the navy was when queen Elizabeth made her Royal Fleet to fight the Spaniards who were trying to convert England to Christianity. Also the Spaniards did not like the English supporting Dutch rebels
They had success in repelling the Spaniards. Shortly after most of the ships were either sold to privateers or left to decay.
In WWI the Royal Navy was smaller but stilled played a role in the war.
Then in WWII the Royal Navy was the biggest Fleet in the World. With out them we would not be living in the world we know today
One of the most recognized captains of the royal navy is vice admiral sir Francis Drake, who had successfully raided the coast of Spain & North Africa. Thanks to the admiral the English were able to repel the Spanish Armada with knowledge gathered by sir Francis Drake.
Vice Admiral sir Francis Drake
The Captains of the Royal Navy
Captain Frederic Jhon Walker
Captain Walker was a captain for the U.K during the second world war. He was the captain of the 36th escort group and would escort caravans across the waters. Walker's last mission was to defend the fleets who were storming Normandy beach. He successfully defended the fleets, not a single U-boat made it pass is group. Walker suffered a cerebral thrombosis. A thrombosis is caused by over work & exhaustion. He died protecting the lives of his brothers in arms.
The Navy has always had admirals & captains willing to die and fight for there country, here are two of the most renown captains who ever had the honor to fight with the Royal Navy.
The Weapons of the Royal Navy
Navy's always had amazing weaponry guarding fleets & land soldiers alike so this paragraph will inform you of the weapons of the Royal Navy.
The best ship that the british had in the Elizabethan era was the English Ship of the Line which was a powerful Carrack.
They had two types of weapons, cannons, which could destroy the hull of the opposing ship
Also they have swivels, which were a sort a miniature canon that covered the canons while they reload.
The Weapons of the Royal Navy today
New powerful weapons of the modern navy.
Submarines are equipped with spear fish torpedoes & Tomahawk cruise missiles.
The Destroyers are all the same model, type-45
series are armed with 2 GAM-BOI 20 MM & 3 goalkeeper CIWS.
In summary this presentation explains to you the purpose of the Royal Navy, The captains of the Royal navy & the weapons of the Royal Fleet.
The Royal Navy stays on guard for their country & will lay down there lives for the sake of their nation
To conclude, the Royal Navy has always been a point of Naval excellence & prestige. This Navy will always be known as the strongest Navy ever created
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