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Junie B. Jones: Is a Party Animal

No description

Jodi Plank

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Junie B. Jones: Is a Party Animal

Junie B. Jones
Is a Party Animal

The illustrator is Denise Brunkus.
Story Summary
Junie B. Jones thought that she would like Lucille's Nana better than hers because Lucille's Nana was rich. Junie B. Jones wanted to have a sleep over at Lucille's Nana's house. After the sleep over, Junie B. Jones decided she liked her Grandma Miller more.
Main Characters
* Junie B. Jones
* Lucille
* Grace
The author of this book is Barbara Park.
I would recommend this book to my
friends. I would recommend this book
because it was funny and it described a
really cool house. (Page 34)

The setting of the book was mostly at
Lucille's Nana's house.
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