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Greek Goddess Hera

No description

Mindy Nguyen

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Greek Goddess Hera

Greek Goddess Hera
Goddess of Marriage, Women, and Birth
Queen of Greek Goddess's
Hera has been placed on Mount Olympus next to Zeus, God of all God's.
Hera's Symbolism
She is represented by:
Fact's about Hera
Hera is translated to "lady" in Greek
In Roman mythology, goddess Hera was known as Juno
Hera was a very jealous person
Hera's Family
The beautiful goddess married her brother Zeus.
Cuckoo for Love
One day in the beautiful region of Hesperides, Zeus was walking then suddenly noticed the beautiful goddess Hera and quickly fell in love with her.
In order to get Hera's attention, he transformed into a cuckoo. He waited outside her window pretending to be cold. Hera took the cuckoo inside because she felt sorrow and pity. Zeus then revealed himself and made love to her. Afterwards he took Hera to the moutain of Cithaeron and made her his wife in order for her to hide her shame.
The Heavenly Marriage
The beautiful wedding took place in the Garden of Hesperides. Hera wore a stunning wedding dress. During the ceremony, Gaea, the Goddess of Earth, gifted Hera with a tree. Then after the ceremony the two lovers took off to the Greek Island of Samos for their honeymoon that lasted 300 years.
The Jealous Goddess
Even though Zeus and Hera had a beautiful wedding, they did not have a beautiful marriage. Zeus wasn't a very loyal guy so he had affairs with many innocent women under disguise. Hera knew about the affairs and was not happy. She got tremendously jealous and punished every women Zeus made love to. With the help of Poseidon and Apollo, Hera tied Zeus down in hundreds of knots while he was sleeping. Zeus then woke up angry and punished Hera by hanging her from the sky with golden manacles on her wrist and nails attached to her feet. After all of Hera's cries and screams for help Zeus finally released her only after she swore to never go against him again.
Hera was the eldest daughter. She was born on the Island of Samos and grew up in Titan Ocean then was raised by the Tethys.
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Loyal Wife
Facts about Hera
Hera tried to kill Heracles, one of Zeus's sons
Hera gave birth to Hephaistos in revenge of Zeus for giving birth to Athena
Hera's Children

Eileithyia: Goddess of Childbirth
Ares: God of War
Hephaestus: God of Fire (Born without a father)
Hebe: Goddess of Youth
Images found at:
Hera has always been known to be the most beautiful woman. Her beauty was what attracted Zeus.
Appearance of Hera
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