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New Media

No description

Curtis LeBlanc

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of New Media

New Media
Another perspective...
A bit about me...
The Vic Ferrari Story
"Good luck. As Allan Mitchell likes to say, you don't call Vic, he calls you."

-Excerpt from an email from sent by ESPN NHL Writer Corey Pronman to CBC's Elliotte Friedman on April 18, 2013

The name Vic Ferrari was, perhaps obviously, a pseudonym...
The name of a character from
the sitcom Taxi (1978-1982)
This ensured the writer's anonymity as he explored what were controversial or avant-garde topics in the world of hockey at the time
"[But] almost nobody in the stats community knows his real identity. He hides behind one, if not more pseudonyms, and, over the last few years, he's barely written and is tough to get in contact with."
-Corey Pronman
Great, the guy is a mystery.

So what did he do?
"Vic is arguably the pillar of the recent advanced stats movement, being the key innovator for things such as using Corsi, value of quality of competition, effect of zone starts, shooting-percentage regression, how valuable team-level Corsi is and how close it relates to team-level scoring-chance differential."

-Corey Pronman
And how did he do it?
He started a blog.
It was called Irreverent Oilers Fan (currently available by invitation only)

He also had a stats site called
Time On Ice (currently down)
So what?

"Vic is the 'ghost' of advanced stats and a driving force behind the Oiler blogs from the beginning,"
-Allan Mitchell, Oilers Nation

"At the time I started writing, there was no analysis you'd want to be betting money on. Now that's really changed."
-Vic Ferrari
Vic Ferrari is...
Time Barnes, a one-time engineer who moved into finance.
More importantly, he's a
of the game! (a Flames-turned-Oilers fan to be exact.
And now, more importantly....
the internet was filled with proprietary and unchanging information.

Users acted solely as
In 1999 the term
Web 2.0
was coined.
This meant a world wide web that is:
-Open Source
Users now acted both as consumers and content creators
New Media is
When we create content for the web, we are inviting a potentially LARGE audience to both comment on the work as well as share it with their extended community.
Our web content (unless made private by the publisher or through paywall) is
and available to consumers everywhere to be interpreted, enjoyed, and criticized in different ways.
Consumers become content creators by contributing to a conversation started by other users. We do this through forums, comment threads, polls etc.
It is
The interactive nature of new media is advancing our collective knowledge in certain areas at an astounding rate, with contributions coming from multiple users.
"I was never really into it for notoriety...I was into it to talk to other smart people. Who knows what makes people tick?"

-Vic Ferrari
But for us new media authors, content and readership can come at a price...
How do we deal with trolls?
-Do your research!
-Know the conversation
-Use sound logic
-Do NOT stoop if/when you engage!
New Media is...
A means of mass communication using digital, often web-enabled technologies.

-Jackie Wong
The new media landscape (communication using digital technology) both facilitates and is characterized by
storytelling (telling stories across digital platforms).

-Jackie Wong
Using digital or web-based mediums, we can tell our story using text, pictures, videos, polls, graphs, tables, sound, and so much more...
All from multiple open sources.
On a separate, loose piece of paper, write:

-The location address, province/state, country of one of the homes where you grew up. (Be as specific as you're comfortable with.)

-The first two sentences of a letter to your former self.

First things first...
Please take ten minutes to fill out your
student evaluations

So what is the value of New Media?
Meet Megan Phelps-Roper...
"It was easy for Megan Phelps-Roper to tweet things that made people cringe..."
-The New Yorker

"Her tweet had been discovered by the comedian Michael Ian Black, who had more than a million followers."
"He tweeted, “Sort of obsessed w/ @meganphelps. Sample tweet: ‘
AIDS is God’s curse on you.
’ Let her feel your love.” "
"Phelps-Roper was exhilarated by the response. Since elementary school, she had given hundreds of interviews about Westboro, but the reaction on Twitter seemed more real than a quote in a newspaper."
"Phelps-Roper got into an extended debate with Abitbol on Twitter. “Arguing is fun when you think you have all the answers,” she said. But he was harder to get a bead on than other critics she had encountered."
"Abitbol had learned while running Net Hate that relating to hateful people on a human level was the best way to deal with them."
"One day, he tweeted about the television show “Gossip Girl,” and Phelps-Roper responded jocularly about one of its characters. “You know, for an evil something something, you sure do crack me up,” Abitbol responded."
Other Twitter users were fascinated by the dissonance between Westboro’s loathsome reputation and the goofy, pop-culture-obsessed millennial who Phelps-Roper seemed to be on Twitter. “
"By following her opponents’ feeds, she absorbed their thoughts on the world, learned what food they ate, and saw photographs of their babies. “I was beginning to see them as human,” she said."
So what happened to Megan?
"Their parents wanted to talk things over—they seemed to think that the sisters could be persuaded to stay—but Megan and Grace had made up their minds. As Grace packed, their father came into her room and asked what she wanted the church to do differently. “I want you and everyone else to leave with me,” Grace replied."
"When David Abitbol learned that the sisters had left Westboro, he invited them to speak at the next Jewlicious festival in Long Beach. They agreed, hoping that the experience might help them to find their way, and to finally understand a community that they had vilified for so long."
"Six months after she left the church, she went on a date with C.G. [...] She and C.G. connected as strongly in person as they had online, and they now live together."
"[2013] On Thursday afternoon Megan and Grace Phelps-Roper visited the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. They’d been inside only a few minutes when they saw a photo of their family."
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