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Expansion & Intensification of Communication & Exchange Netw

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on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of Expansion & Intensification of Communication & Exchange Netw

Expansion & Intensification of Communication & Exchange Networks

By; Ariana Kaloudis and Joel Varughese
Started in China
Spread of religion, language, and goods that aren't available to other countries
Established during Han Dynasty
technology also spread (compass, ship designs)
Diseases spread such as black death
Sped up rise of large empires
Silk Road
Ended in the Mediterranean
Spread of religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism
Goods traded: silk, cotton, spices, slaves, etc...
Silk Road 2
Islam began here (Middle east)
spread very quickly through the Silk Road
Spread through Mohammed the prophet
Christianity and Buddhism were already around during this period, Islam just began
Italy was going through a depression called the Middle Ages
Fall of Roman Empire
Black death killed off many people during this period (1/3 of population)
Feudalism began
Middle Ages of Italy
The dispersion of people from their original homeland
Merchants set up diasporic communities where they introduced their own cultural traditions into the indigenous culture
Cross Cultural Interactions
Resulted in the diffusion of scientific and technological traditions (Greek and Indian mathematics on Muslim scholars)
New foods and agricultural techniques (Bananas in Africa, New rice varieties in East Asia)were adopted in populated areas.
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