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Moor: Why we need better ethics for emerging technologies

Presented summary of Moor's article (2005)

Lars Lønne

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Moor: Why we need better ethics for emerging technologies

Moor: Why we need better ethics for emerging technologies
Technological revolutions
Limited use
High cost
Low availability
Lower cost
Larger user base
Power stage
Readily available
Widely understood
Lower price
Significant impact on society
Candidates for new technological revolutions
Technological revolutions open up new possibilities
Problems arise as the technologies mature
Moor's law: As technological revolutions increase their social impact, ethical problems increase
The problem
We choose what technologies to pursue, but how do we make the right choices?
Technology revolutions often generate policy vacuums
We need to be more proactive
We need to be better informed of our choices
Moor's suggestions
Take into account that ethics are ongoing and dynamic
Higher level of collaboration between ethicists and scientists
A need for better analytical tools
Genetic testing
In vitro fertilization
Stem cell research
Life malleability
Manipulation of components on a nanometer scale
Self replication
Material malleability
Knowledge and technology concerning the brain
Treatment of brain disorders
Brain implants and enhancements
Mind malleability
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